TDS/TCS Compliances May 2014

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1. Last date for payment of tax deductions/collections for April-7th May 2014
2. Last date of filing of TDS/TCS returns for Q4 of F.Y. 2013-14  – 15th May, 2014
3. Last date for issuance of the TDS/TCS certificates for Q4 – 30th May, 2014
* The above is applicable for deductors other than the Office of the Government.


1 thought on “TDS/TCS Compliances May 2014

  1. vinai gupta

    Is there any penalty or interest in issuance form 16A with modification after due date.
    1) We have issued form 16A with in due date but after query of the contractor we have modified the statement and issued the revised TDS certificate on later date.
    In such case there is any penal clause.


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