Steps for requesting Form 16

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The procedure for requesting Form 16 from TRACES website has been given below:

Since FY:18-19 onwards, the Income Tax department is now providing both Part A and Part B of Form 16 (TDS certificate for employee)

The steps for requesting Form 16 are:

  1. Login to TRACES after giving User ID, Password, TAN of the Deductor and CAPTCHA code
  2. Check statement status under Statement/Payment option before requesting for Form 16
  3. Click on Form 16 available under Downloads option
  4. Request for Form 16 through Search PAN download or Bulk PAN downloads option
  5. Click on Submit to proceed
  6. Give Token Number of Regular Statement related to Financial year, Quarter and Form type displayed
  7. Fill CIN/valid PAN details related to Financial year, Quarter and Form type displayed on basis of latest correction filed
  8. An authentication code will be generated after giving correct KYC details
  9. A unique Request number will be generated after submission of request for Form 16
  10. Go to Requested Download option and Form 16 will be available there
  11. Form 16 can be downloaded using HTTP download or Download Manager option
  12. Now convert Form 16 into PDF

To convert Part A of Form 16 into PDF deductor can download Form 16 PDF Converter Utility 1.4 L

To convert Part B of Form 16 into PDF deductor can download TRACES-PDF-CONVERTER V 1.1L (PART B)

Rather than going through the above mentioned steps, deductors can easily download TDS certificate from the TRACES website using TDSMAN software. The software is fully integrated with TRACES and helps downloading of TDS certificate from the software itself.

The steps for requesting Form 16 from TDSMAN Software are mentioned below:

  1. Go to TRACES Information and click on Request for Form 16 and click on Request
  2. Then go to Download Requested Files
  3. Give TRACES log in id and password and enter CAPTCHA code
  4. Both Form 16 Part A and Part B will be available to download
  5. Now  convert  Part A and Part B Zip files to PDF.

To convert Part A to PDF go to Downloads section of TDSMAN Website and then click on download beside Latest PDF Converter Utility to generate TDS Certificate provided by TRACES department

To convert Part B to PDF go to Downloads section of TDSMAN Website and then click on download beside PDF Converter Utility to generate TDS Certificate – Part B option provided by TRACES department.

Reduction in TDS/TCS Rates


Interest on Late Deduction of TDS

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The due date for deduction is either at the time of giving credit or payment of the dues, whichever is earlier. Late deduction happens in the event the tax is not deducted when the deduction is due and is deducted at a later date. The interest for the delay in deduction is charged at the rate of 1% per month or part of a month of the delay. For Example if the due date for a deduction is 2nd of June and it is deducted on 8th of July in the same year, then the interest is charged at the rate of 1% for each month i.e. (June & July) aggregating to 2% interest.

Difference between Late Payment & Late Deduction


FAQ on Online Correction

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What is Online Correction?

TRACES has provided the functionality of “Online Correction” where deductor can perform correction of TDS return /TCS return online. Following are the various facilities available through online correction:

  • Rectifying challan mismatch cases
  • Addition of new challan to the statement
  • Pay 220/interest/levy
  • Add or Delete Salary Detail
  • Rectifying statement challan information
  • PAN Correction
  • Correction in Personal Information
  • Add/Modify deductee detail
  • Movement of deductee rows 

How to apply for Online Correction?

Login into TRACES as a deductor and raise the request for online correction under ‘Default’ Menu. For more information please refer E-tutorials.

Is it mandatory to have registration of Digital Signature on TRACES for all type of online correction?

Digital Signature Matrix for functionalities through online correction:


I have filed a paper return, and want to make online correction through TRACES. How should I proceed?

Online correction functionality on TRACES will not be available in case of paper return.

What will the deductor do if the request for correction is rejected by TDSCPC?

Deductor has to check the rejection reason by selecting ‘Track Correction Request under ‘Default’ from the main menu. Then select the request number and click on hyperlink ‘Rejected’ under the heading ‘Status’. Once the user takes the necessary action on resolution of rejection reason, he can resubmit the online correction request through TRACES.

Is it necessary for a sub-user to submit online Correction?

Yes, after making the online correction, sub-user will submit the corrections to admin user for final submission to TDSCPC. Sub-user will not be able to proceed further without the intervention of Admin User.

I have received the demand for late fee and paid the same, now how can I file online correction for the same through TRACES?

Login into TRACES, under ‘Defaults’ raised the request for online correction. Once request number is generated and request status is in available status, user can make the online correction by choosing the option ‘Pay late fee/ 220/ interest’. For more detail refer e-tutorial.

My Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is already registered on TRACES. However, when I am trying to submit online correction, system does not allow me to proceed. What is the reason?

You need to clear the cookies and reload the website. If issue still persists check the browser being used. Internet Explorer 7,8 or 9, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox 17 & above are compatible browser for TRACES.

What all information can be changed in Personal Online Correction option?

By choosing ‘personal information’ option from ‘Type of correction’ drop down online correction option, you can edit communication detail of TAN as per statement and name & communication detail of authorised person as per statement.

Can I cancel the online correction request?

Yes, before submitting the correction for processing, you can cancel the request under ‘correction ready for submission’ where you will get an option to ‘cancel statement’. By clicking on this, correction will not be submitted to TDSCPC and will be cancelled.

Can I submit multiple corrections with one request number?

Yes, you can do multiple corrections with one request number for the statement pertaining to same financial year, quarter and form type.

Can Deductor do online correction for TCS?

Yes, deductor can file online correction for both TDS and TCS.

Can salary details in annexure 2 be edited through online correction?

User can update only PAN of the employee in annexure 2. For correction in other fields, user can delete the existing deductee row and/or add new deductee row.

Can Deductor change the category of Deductor through Online Correction?

No, deductor cannot change the “category of deductor” through online correction.

Source: TRACES

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