TDS Returns Software for FY: 2023-24 Released

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On popular demand, we are pleased to announce the release of TDSMAN (FY: 2023-24). Now you can prepare TDS Returns for all quarters of FY: 2022-23 and FY: 2023-24. It covers: All… Read more »

PDS Infotech adjudged as one of the ‘Most Trusted Enterprises’ by The Economic Times

Our company, PDS Infotech Pvt. Ltd., has been featured by The Economic Times, as one of the most trusted enterprises in the domain of ‘Ready-to-Use Business Software’. This was a… Read more »

Section 194G- TDS on Commission on Sale of Lottery Tickets

Any income earned by a person in the form of commission, remuneration, or prize on lottery tickets (deductee) who has been selling lottery tickets (also stocking, distributing, and purchasing) is… Read more »