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CPC (TDS) reminder to Deductors for Closure of Taxpayer Grievance Tickets in their Inboxes

Date of communication: 20/08/2016 Dear Deductor,(TAN:XXXXXXXXXXXX) The Centralized Processing Cell (TDS) has provided an integrated platform for taxpayers, deductors & assessing officer. The objective of the functionality is to provide… Read more »

Avail the Benefit of CPC (TDS) Analytics for Correction of PANs in your TDS Statements

Date of Communication: 13/08/2016 Dear Deductor, TAN (XXXXXXXXXX) Centralized Processing Cell (TDS) has observed from its records that you have reported “Structurally Correct, however Invalid PANs” in your TDS Statement… Read more »

Inappropriate usage of Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) for availing services of TRACES

CPC (TDS) has observed from its records that Online Corrections have been submitted by deductors on TRACES by using Digital Signature Certificate but there are no Registered Digital Signature Certificates… Read more »

CPC (TDS) Advisory to deductors making TDS payment through multiple challans in a month

CPC (TDS) has issued an advisory communication to all deductors who have used multiple challans in a month for payment of TDS. In its advisory, CPC (TDS) has discussed about… Read more »

CPC (TDS) mandates closure of Short Payment Defaults in the quarterly TDS statements

The Centralized Processing Cell (TDS), in its endeavour to enforce TDS Compliance, is shortly mandating closure of Short Payment defaults¬Ě in the quarterly TDS statements due to Unmatched Challans, before… Read more »

Deductees reported in TDS Statements with structurally Valid, but actually Invalid PANs

CPC(TDS) has observed from its records that many deductors have reported deductees with invalid PANs in the quarterly TDS statements. These PANs appear structurally valid but they are invalid. CPC(TDS)… Read more »