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Points to remember before filing the quarterly TDS statement

Given below are the points one should remember before filing quarterly TDS statement: Correct Reporting: Cancellation of TDS return and deductee row is no longer permissible. Accordingly, it is very important to… Read more »

Nil TDS Statement / Declaration – Overview

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TRACES introduced NIL TDS Statement/Declaration of TDS from the FY 2014-15. This is applicable for Deductors who did not deduct any tax during the relevant quarter. What is the benefit… Read more »

Useful guidelines to avoid common mistakes while submitting TDS Statements

Following are some useful guidelines to avoid common mistakes, while submitting TDS Statements and you are requested to go through the following in detail. Incorrect reporting of 197 Certificates: Please… Read more »

File your TDS Returns (Q1) by 31st July, 2019

LAST DATE OF TDS RETURN FILING FOR QUARTER 1, FY: 2019-20 IS 31st July, 2019 With the introduction of Section 234E, there is now a provision of stringent penalties for… Read more »