Reasons to reject the correction in deductee records by TDSCPC

Rejection reasons pertaining to deductee details are as follows:

  • In a correction statement that updates / deletes deductee rows, verification keys from deductee data that should match with corresponding fields in regular / previous return are – Last PAN, Last total amount deducted at source, Last total amount deposited
  • Updation / deletion on deductee record is submitted in a correction statement but this deductee record does not exist in previous/ regular return
  • Valid PAN to invalid PAN update is not allowed for a deductee row
  • Deductee detail record number should be unique in case of addition of deductees
  • If value of Reason for non-deduction / lower deduction / higher deduction / threshold field as per regular or last correction statement is ‘C’ , then update can be performed only on ‘PAN’, ‘Amount of Payment’ and ‘Date of Payment’
  • Deletion of deductee record having value C in Reason for non-deduction / lower deduction/ higher deduction / threshold field, is not allowed
  • Valid PAN to another valid PAN update can be done only once for a given deductee row

1 thought on “Reasons to reject the correction in deductee records by TDSCPC

  1. Muthuvel

    The reason code for non deduction has been reported as “Y”. Online correction of this value to “B” is rejected. (The deductee is not eligible for TDS deduction, since he has submitted 15G declaration.)
    Any idea to rectify?


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