Important Information for Deductors regarding TDS Certificates

Below are the important information regarding TDS Certificates which deductors should take care of:
  • Deductors who have deducted TDS and have not deposited the same by the due date, must do so immediately.
  • All deductors must register themselves at (TRACES Portal)
  • TDS certificate in Form 16A and part A of Form 16, containing 7 character TDS certificate number, has to be mandatorily downloaded from
  • TDS certificate cannot be downloaded from TRACES Portal in case of non/incorrect quoting of PAN
  • Quote correctly PAN of the deductee so that they get their due tax credit
  • Quote correctly CIN of challan to avoid any short payment default
  • Deductors need to first close short payment default, if any, to download TDS certificates

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