TDSMAN for financial year 2014-15 released

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TDSMAN (F.Y.: 2014-15) has been released with more features for the convenience of its users for both Regular Returns & Correction Returns. The software will support F.Y. 2014-15 and previous years starting from 2007-08. You will be able to transfer all your data from the 2013- 14 version to 2014-15 version. The eTDS return for Q4 of 2013-14 may be filed from this new version.

TDSMAN is fully integrated with TRACES. One can request and download files from TRACES website through the software itself. 

What’s new in TDSMAN (FY: 2014-15)

  • Prediction of defaults
  • Auto Tax Calculation (For Salary & Non Salary)
  • Interest calculation
  • Download Bulk PAN from TRACES for minimizing PAN errors
  • Digitally Signed Form 16
  • Password protection option available

To view the complete features available in TDSMAN software, Click here

As usual with the patronage of its user base, TDSMAN would endeavour to lead from the front in responding to statutory changes and obligations as and when announced.


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