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TDS/TCS Return – Online Filing

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Steps for filing TDS/ TCS Return online: Step – I The data structure (file format) in which the e-TDS / e-TCS return is to be prepared has been notified in… Read more »

FVU 6.3 & FVU 2.159 released by NSDL

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The Income Tax Department has released on 28th June 2019, the following new File Validation Utilities: FVU version 6.3 – For statement pertaining to FY 2010-11 onwards FVU version 2.159… Read more »

FAQs on Correction Return Preparation more than once on the same Regular Return

How many times can I furnish a correction TDS/TCS statement? A correction TDS/TCS return can be furnished many times to make changes in the regular TDS/TCS return where as a… Read more »

Steps for Preparing Correction Returns

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Steps: Request for TDS (Consolidated) file from Traces Download requested TDS (Consolidated) file from Traces Upload TDS(Consolidated) file for correction into the software Make corrections Generate the correction return Submit… Read more »