Form 26A/27BA – Rationale and Brief Analysis

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What is Form 26A/27BA?

As per Notification No. 11/2016 and 12/2016 a procedure for furnishing and verification of Form 26A/27BA is introduced for removing of default of Non Deduction/Collection Transaction of tax at source. User may request for Non Deduction/Collection transactions from  FY 2016-17 onwards. This request will be raised on or after 1st April, 2017. Deductor/Collector may request for Form 26A for Form 24Q & 26Q for TDS and for Form 27BA for 27EQ for TCS. Digital Signature is needed for requesting of 26A/27BA.

What are the Steps for Requesting Form 26A/27BA?

The steps for requesting Form 26A/27BA are given below:

  1. Log in to TRACES site with User ID, Password, TAN of Deductor/Collector and Verification Code.
  2. Click on Request for 26A/27BA option under Statements/Payments menu. All the guidelines for filing Form 26A/27BA will appear.
  3. Choose Financial Year, Form Type and Transaction type as Non Deduction/Collection and go for the request. DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) of authorize person is compulsory for the request or if user is coming through bank website then I-PIN window will open.
  4. Click on Proceed tab, a Request Number will be generated. Now the deductor may check status of request through Track request for 26A/27BA under Statements/Payments option.
  5. Status of request will be Upload File for uploading Non Deduction/Collection transactions.
  6. Give File Format to upload transactions is available in Requested Downloads option under Downloads Section.
  7. User needs to Add Non Deduction/Collection transactions in file format given by TRACES and import that file in Utility.
  8. Output file will be generated which is to be uploaded by clicking on Upload File option.
  9. After clicking on Upload File option, Digital Signature window will appear for validating it and after validating DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) final submission of request will be done. If user is entering through Bank wdebsite then I-PIN window will open for entering I-PIN.
  10. A message will come Request for Non Deduction/Collection transactions has been submitted after submitting the request. Request Number will be generated and an Email and SMS will be sent to deductor.
  11. Deductor/Collector may check status of request through Track request for 26A/27BA available under Statements/Payments option. Transactions will be sent to e-filing for processing after submitting Request for Non Deduction/Collection.

What are the different Status for Requesting of 26A/27BA?

  • Requested – When user has initiated the request.
  • Upload File – User can upload file with PANs on which 26A/27BA has to file.
  • Submitted – User has submitted request to Income Tax Department.
  • Sent to e-filing – Requested data submitted by user has been sent to e-filing.
  • Pending for processing at TDSCPC – Transactions received by TDSCPC from e-filing for processing.
  • Processed – Transaction have been processed by TDSCPC.
  • Not Available – Reason of not available to be given in Remarks.
  • Rejected – Request has been rejected by TDSCPC after processing. Reason of rejection to be given in Remarks.

What are the reasons of Rejection for Requesting of 26A/27BA?

  • Invalid File Uploaded – If file is rejected due to format level then Invalid file uploaded remarks will be seen in Remarks.
  • Go to requested downloads for checking the reasons of rejection of Non Deduction/Non Collection – If file is rejected due to PAN level validation or any other validation then a request number will be generated. User can download that file having reason of rejection.

Source: TRACES

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