TDSMAN (FY: 2015-16) software can also be used for preparing TDS Returns for FY: 2014-15 (Quarter 4)

Prepare yourself with the updated TDSMAN for the financial year 2015-16.

Apart from filing TDS returns for FY: 2015-16, it can also be used to file TDS returns for FY: 2014-15-Quarter 4 which falls due at 15th May, 2015 at no extra cost.  Further, the same software can also be used to prepare returns (including corrections of all types) for earlier years.

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On popular demand, we have now introduced TDSMAN for upgrade to a Multi-User Pack.

Once you install TDSMAN (FY: 2015-16), data from TDSMAN (FY: 2014-15) would be transferred by a simple process.

As usual with the patronage of its user base, TDSMAN would endeavour to lead from the front in responding to statutory changes and obligations as and when announced.


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