Quote correct BIN while filing TDS/TCS statement

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It is mandatory for Government deductors, who are reporting TDS without payment through bank challans, to quote correct Book Identification Number (BIN), while filing TDS/TCS statement. In case correct BIN is not quoted in the respective TDS statement, a Short Payment demand shall be raised by CPC(TDS). 

BIN is generated by the Tax Information Network (NSDL) once the respective Principal Accounts Officer files monthly statements in Form 24G. You may contact your respective PAO/ AO/ AAO/DTO/ TO/ CDO and collect the BIN details. You can also check BIN from TIN portal at https://onlineservices.tin.egov-nsdl.com/TIN/JSP/etbaf/ViewBIN.jsp

2 thoughts on “Quote correct BIN while filing TDS/TCS statement

  1. BImal

    For Government deductors, even if correct BIN and correct amount of BIN is quoted in TDS, TDSCPC has still created a challan mismatch and raised a short payment demand for the whole amount of TDS shown in the BIN? TDS CPC is also raising late fee demand for TDS returns based on 15 of the month following the end of every quarter as if Govt deductors are private companies?


    The Treasury didn’t file the form 24G , so the assessee didnt get 24G no as well BIN no for qtr 1 qtr 2 and qtr3 of F.Y 2013-14 , How the assessee return will be filed , and what will be the implication of SEC 234E


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