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NSDL on behalf of the Income Tax Department has announced the shifting of the entire TDS data from their website to TRACES website ( 

After the shifting is completed, all the following activities of deductors will be done through TRACES website:

  • Registration/ Re-registration of TAN
  • Consolidated(TDS) file download
  • Download of Form 16/Form 16A
  • Download of arrear/defaults if TDS filing
  • Viewing Challan Status
  • Managing of Profile

Initially TRACES website was having records of returns filled till 10th October 2012.

Now they have announced that all Correction returns filled after 10th October 2012 will be available from 10th January 2013.

Please note the following changes done in the TRACES website:

  • It is mandatory to update the profile for the users migrating from NSDL website to TRACES website.
  • The Password for the Consolidated Statement file (TDS) downloaded from TRACES website is the ‘TAN_<Request Number>'(example CALM00000F_789256″ where CALM00000F is your TAN Number and 789256 is the request number for that file).
  • The password for the TDS Certificates downloaded is TAN (example “CALM0000F” where CALM0000F is your TAN Number).

Further, TRACES website has made the following changes to facilitate easy migration:

  • The step 1 of the registration process is more simplified.
  • Link has been provided in the Download menu to download the .CSI file which is used for verification of the Challan details entered in the software.
  • Easy e-Tutorials have been provided for understanding the processes involved in the TRACES website. Click here to view the various e-Tutorials.

For any problems you can contact the TRACES team on the following Phone Numbers:

  • 1800 103 0344 (Toll Free)
  • 0120 4814600

For returns filled on or before 31st October 2012, all the above mentioned activities can be performed through the existing NSDL website also (which is integrated in our software TDSMAN as well).

After the TRACES website becomes fully operational the existing NSDL website will stop receiving all new requests and all processes will be done through the new website.

In TDSMAN software, options was provided to download the information from the existing NSDL website without leaving the software. So after the NSDL operation is stopped then the options provided in the software may not work. Once documentation of the new website is available, we shall try to integrate TDSMAN with this new TRACES website as was the case with earlier NSDL website to facilitate the TDSMAN users to download the files easily. This integration is subjected to the rights access limits, permissions granted by the TRACES website.



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