Changes in TAN Registration process at TIN website

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Tax Information Network (TIN) has always been providing various facilities to deductors. One such facility provided under TIN is authenticated login (TAN account) provided to deductors/collectors at TIN website.

Under this login, following functions are provided:

  • Online request of consolidated TDS/TCS file: Useful for preparation of correction statement.
  • Online generation of Form 16A for valid PANs.
  • Online download of default details generated by Income Tax Department.
  • Bulk upload of Form 15CA records.
  • Update of TAN account contact details.

For creating authenticated login (TAN account), deductor/collector has to register TAN online at TIN website. Based on the feedback received from the deductors as well as Income Tax Department, the procedure for registering as well as getting the various facilities is simplified/modified regularly. Some changes have now been made in the TAN registration process.Preparation of correction statement will have to be made mandatorily using consolidated file provided by TIN. In view of the same, please create and activate the TAN account at TIN and avail the aforementioned facilities offered by TIN, if not done already.

Detailed revised procedure for creating TAN Account” and activation of TAN account is as under:

  • On registration, an e-mail containing link will be sent to registered e-mail ID (s).
  • User will be required to click on the link for activating the TAN account. This link is sent for verifying the validity of e-mail ID.
  • On clicking the link, user will be prompted to provide TAN and corresponding 12 digit TAN registration number.
  • If the TAN & TAN registration number matches, then TAN account will be activated within 24 hours.
  • TAN account will be active if at least one of the e-mail ID is verified.
  • TAN account will not be activated, If the user does not click link or does not provide respective TAN and TAN registration number and the same is verified.
  • If user has provided two e-mail ID (s) on registration/ re-registration, then the TAN account will be activated even if the user clicks on the link (as mentioned above) sent at any one of the registered e-mail ID.
  • On activation of TAN account, an e-mail containing the user ID in password protected PDF file will be sent to registered e-mail ID (s). On receipt of this e-mail, user can login to TAN account.

Further the user may re-register the TAN if user has:

Forgotten the TAN account details like user ID, TAN registration no. (12 digit alphanumeric number) or

Would like to update the contact details of TAN account ,wherein the user does not know the login credentials of TAN account,

Procedure for activation of TAN account on re-registration of TAN would be the same as applicable on first time registration of TAN (as above).


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    what should i have to do in case my account is locked. please help me to reactivate the same.
    my TAN Registration No. is DELB09775D


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