Registration of TAN becomes more user friendly

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The deductors/collectors can register their TANs online. Authenticated access (through user ID and password) is provided to registered deductors/collectors. On login, the following feature are made available to the deductors/ collectors:

  1. Request for quarterly consolidated TDS/TCS statement.
  2. View status and download consolidated TDS/TCS statement
  3. Bulk upload of Form 15CA records.
  4. Update of TAN registration demographic and contact details.

Steps to Register TAN

  1. Register your TAN online at TIN website. For registration of TAN, follow the link:
  2. Submit the application online.
  3. On successful registration of TAN, a 12 digit alpha numeric registration number is generated.
  4. Print the acknowledgment and preserve the same for future reference.

For further guidelines, clock on the following link:



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