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TDS / TCS Certificates – Due Dates

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The different types of TDS / TCS certificates need to be issued on time which is summarized in the table below: Form No. Certificate – Description Frequency Due Dates Form… Read more »

Flag raised for 15G/H despite Income exceeding the amount of exemption

CPC(TDS)  has observed from its records that Flag “B” (for 15G/H Forms) has been wrongly raised in the quarterly TDS Statements. CPC(TDS) has issued a letter to all deductors in… Read more »

Facility to download TCS Certificates in Form 27D from TRACES website

CPC(TDS) has provided a feature of downloading Form 27D, the Tax Collection Certificate for Deductees forming part of TCS Statements, filed in the form of 27EQ. Refer to the following… Read more »

New release of TDSMAN -smart and easy software for eTDS and eTCS returns (F.Y.: 2013-14)

TDSMAN (F.Y.: 2013-14) has been released with more features for the convenience of its users for both Regular Returns & Correction Returns. The software will support F.Y. 2013-14 and previous… Read more »

Form 16,16A, 24Q, 26Q, 27C, 27D, 27Q, 27EQ Amended Notification 11/2013

TDS related forms and rules regarding digital singnature of TDS return has been changed through INCOME-TAX (SECOND AMENDMENT) RULES, 2013 – AMENDMENT IN RULES 31A & 31AA; SUBSTITUTION OF RULES… Read more »