TDS / TCS Compliances Reminder for January 2022

7th January 2022 – Due date for TDS/TCS payment for deductions/collections during December 2021

15th January 2022 – Due date of filing  TCS Return for Quarter 3 of Financial Year 2021-2022

30th January 2022 – Due date of issuing TCS certificate for Quarter 3 of Financial Year 2021-2022

31st January 2022 – Due date of filing TDS Return for Quarter 3 of Financial Year 2021-2022

*Please ensure timely compliance to avoid interest and/or penalties

Use TDSMAN Software to file seamless & error-free TDS/TCS returns, without any professional help.

New FVUs Version 7.4 & 2.170 released by NSDL – Key Features

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