Filing of TDS / TCS Return Online using Aadhaar

One can file TDS / TCS Returns (both Regular & Correction Statements) through the Income Tax e-Filing portal through Aadhaar authentication.

TAN has to be registered at TRACES ( linking the Aadhaar of
the authorized person
The Aadhaar should be linked with the mobile number. This is for receiving the OTP.

The E-Returns are to be filed online at

Steps involved:

Make sure the .FVU is ready that needs to be submitted

Login to using the TAN, Password, etc.

After successful login for the TAN, one will need to provide the following information:

FVU Version No. – make sure the Return is validation with the latest version of FVU, otherwise
the Return will not be accepted
FA Year – this is the Financial Accounting Year
Form No. – select the TDS / TCS Form type (24Q, 26Q, 27Q, 27EQ)
Quarter – Select the quarter for which Return is being filed
Upload Type – Regular or Correction (please select)
RRR No. (Original & Previous) – needs to be provided only for Correction Statement
Select the .FVU from its location that needs to be uploaded

Important: Make the sure .FVU file matches all the information as specified, otherwise, the Return will be rejected at the submission.

Once the form is complete, click to generate the OTP No. This will be delivered as a SMS on the registered mobile of the authorized person of the TAN.

Enter the OTP correctly and proceed for completing the submission / filing process.

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