Synopsis of changes – File Validation Utility (FVU) Ver. 6.2

FVU Ver. 6.2 has been released on 12th May 2019. This FVU is primarily based on the new changes in Annexure II (Salary Details) of Form 24Q-Q4 as per Notification No. 36/2019 applicable with effect from financial year 2018-19 (AY:2019-20)

Major changes include additional information related to breakup of salary, details of exemptions u/s 10 & deductions under Chapter VIA, etc.

Synopsis of the changes as per the reporting format is as under:

Sl.New Annexure II (Form 24Q-Q4)Old Annexure II (Form 24Q-Q4)
1Break of Salary under columns
– 17(1) – Salary
– 17(2) – Perquisites
– 17(3) – Profits in lieu of Salary
No provision
2.Breakup of Exemption u/s 10
– Travel Concession u/s 10(5)
– Death / Retirement Gratuity u/s 10(10)
Commuted Pension u/s 10(10A)
– Cash Equivalent / Leave Encashment u/s 10(10AA)
– House Rent Allowance u/s 10
– Other Exemptions u/s 10 (not covered above)
No provision
3.Total Salary [Net of Sl. 1 – Sl. 2]Net value of Total Salary
(earlier, this value was the beginning of the Annexure II)
4.Deductions u/s 16
– Standard Deduction u/s 16(ia)
– Entertainment Allowance u/s 16(ii)
– Tax on Employment us/ 16(iii)
Deductions u/s 16
– Entertainment Allowance u/s 16(ii)
– Tax on Employment us/ 16(iii)
5.Salary – Current Employer  (Sl. 3 – Sl. 4)Salary – Current Employer  (Sl. 3 – Sl. 4)
6.Salary – Previous / Other EmployersSalary – Previous / Other Employers
7.Total Salary Income (Sl. 5 + Sl. 6)Total Salary Income (Sl. 5 + Sl. 6)
8.Any other income reported by Employee
– Income (or admissible loss) from house property
– Income under Other Sources
(Total of above is the Income from sources other than Salaries)
Any other income reported by Employee
One consolidated value for Income from sources other than Salaries
9.Gross Total Income (Sl. 7 + Sl. 8)Gross Total Income (Sl. 7 + Sl. 8)
10.Deductions under Chapter VIA
– Total deduction u/s 80C
– Deduction u/s 80CCC
– Deduction u/s 80CCD(1)
[sum total of above three should be maximum Rs. 1,50,000]
– Deduction u/s 80CCD(1B)
– Deduction u/s 80CCD(2)
– Deduction u/s 80D (Health Insurance)
– Deduction u/s 80E (Interest of Education Loan)
– Deduction u/s 80G (Eligible Donations)
– Deduction u/s 80TTA (Interest on Savings A/c)
– Other Deductions not covered above
Sum Total of Deductions under Chapter VIA
Deductions under Chapter VIA
– One consolidated amount for 80C, 80CCC, 80CCD(1) – limited to Rs. 1,50,000/-
–  One consolidated amount for all other deductions
Deductions under Chapter VI – sum total of the above figures
11.Total Taxable Income (Sl. 9 – Sl. 10)Total Taxable Income (Sl. 9 – Sl. 10)
12.Tax on Income (without Rebate u/s 87A)No provision
13.Rebate u/s 87ANo provision
14.Tax on Income – after Rebate (Sl. 12 – Sl. 13)Tax on Income – after Rebate
15.Surcharge & H&E Cess (on tax after rebate)Surcharge & H&E Cess (on tax after rebate)
16.Tax Payable (Sl. 14 – Sl. 15)Tax Payable (Sl. 14 – Sl. 15)
17.Less: Relief u/s 89Less: Relief u/s 89
18.Net Tax Payable (Sl. 16 – Sl. 17)Net Tax Payable (Sl. 16 – Sl. 17)
19.TDS – Current EmployerTDS – Current Employer
20.TDS – Previous / Other EmployersTDS – Previous / Other Employers
21.Total TDS (Sl. 19 + Sl. 20)Total TDS (Sl. 19 + Sl. 20)

TDSMAN is updated with all the changes and is fully compliant to the new FVU.

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