Late Filing of TDS Returns -Fees and Penalty

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Fees and Penalty for Late Filing of TDS Returns are as follows:

Section 234E-Levy of Fees 

  • Failure to submit TDS return on time will result in fees on the deductor.
  • If you delay or forget to file your TDS return, fees of Rs. 200 per day will be levied on the deductor, as long as TDS return is not filed.
  • The levied amount of fee is not supposed to exceed the TDS deductibles.
  • Prior to TDS filing such fee should be paid and it should be reflected in the TDS return.

Section 271H-Penalty

  • Deductor has to pay a penalty ranging from minimum of Rs. 10,000/- to One Lac rupees,
    • If deductor exceeds one year time limit to File TDS Statement.
    • If deductor furnishes incorrect details like PAN, TDS Amount, Payment of Challan etc.

2 thoughts on “Late Filing of TDS Returns -Fees and Penalty

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