Submission of Statements at TIN-FCs or submission of Statements at TIN website

Given below are the steps for the submission of statements at TIN Facilitation Centers (TIN-FCs) or submission of statements at TIN website:

1. Submission of Statements at TIN Facilitation Centers (TIN-FCs).

a. Please refer following URL to locate address details of TIN-FCs nearby you.

b. Please submit .FVU file validated through latest File Validation Utility (FVU) in a CD/Pen Drive.

c. Please submit duly signed physical Form 27A generated by FVU.

2. Submission of Statements at TIN website.

a. Register at TIN website (for more details visit

b. Obtain Digital Signature Certificate of class ll or class lll from Certifying Authority.

c. Submit physical documents to NSDL e-Gov.

d. You will receive user ID and password for the same.

e. Post login, you may associate your TAN to this user ID.

f. Upload e-TDS/TCS Statement(s) for TAN which is associated in the system.

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