Transaction Based Report for NRI deductees at TRACES

CPC(TDS) has introduced a new feature on TRACES for generating Transaction Based Report (TBR) in respect of deductees reported in 27Q TDS Statements. The report provides with a summary of transactions in respect of NRI Deductees who have not reported their PANs (PAN Not Available)

Details about Transaction Based Report:

  • The feature is available only in respect of NRI deductees, who have been reported in Form 27Q of TDS Statements
  • The deductee with whom the transaction has been entered into, has reported PAN Not being Available
  • The report is available for FY 2013-14 onwards
  • The summary of transactions includes the following key information, besides others:
    • Nature of Remittance,
    • Amount Credited / Paid,
    • Country of Remittance,
    • Amount of Tax deducted
    • Reason for higher Rate of deduction of Tax (PAN Not Available) 

Process for downloading of Transaction Based Report:

To download the report, you are requested to navigate to Transaction Based Report under Downloads menu.

After completing details for FY and Quarter, KYC needs to be completed for submitting request for   downloads.

 The report will be made available under Requested Downloads menu.

Please note:

  • The report will be made available in Zipped file format, which needs to be extracted using the PDF Generation utility for TBR.
  • TBR zipped file is password protected, which is the TAN of the deductor.
  • The reports can also be digitally signed while downloading or you may choose to continue without Digital Signature.

2 thoughts on “Transaction Based Report for NRI deductees at TRACES

  1. Harish Karanam

    I have two NRI payments,
    I filed the 27Q return and i requested for the TBR, Out of Two NRI Payments i am able to generate the One transaction TBR only.

    I want to know how is it possible to generate the TBR for both

    Thanks in advance


    How to download the TBR,
    what is KYC documents needs to be submitted,
    how to give request for TBR in download menu


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