Surrender of additional PAN number(s)

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An assessee may have been allotted multiple PAN Card. The multiple PAN card may have been allotted to the Assessee for many reasons i.e. he may have applied multiple times for allotment of PAN and every time he has been allotted a PAN card or may have inadvertently allowed multiple PAN card by Income tax Department , NSDL or UTI. Assessee who have more than one PAN should immediately Apply for surrender of additional PAN number(s) allotted to them as having more than one PAN may make them liable to a penalty of Rs. 10,000/-

Assessee can apply for surrender of PAN card by two methods.

1. Manually:

a. Write a letter to this effect to the assessing officer under whose jurisdiction you have been filing your returns. The letter must contain details such as your name, contact details, details of the PAN card to be retained, details of the duplicate PAN card(s) which you need to surrender, etc. Keep  the acknowledgement copy of the letter that you have filed with the I-T department, stating that you are surrendering your additional PAN. That is sufficient as proof of surrender and no additional confirmation from the I-T authorities is required. On receipt of the acknowledgement, there is no need for you to wait for intimation from the income tax department considering that the PAN submitted has now been cancelled by them. The acknowledgment copy of the letter submitted will more than solve the purpose.

b. Manually fill the Form No. 49A for change/Correction in correction in PAN and submit the same at your nearest UTI pan centers or NSDL TIN facilitation centers.

2. Online:

a. Visit the following link and fill the detail in the online form given at the link and following the instructions

b. You can also surrender the pan online  by filing a application change in pan data  through UTI pan centers or NSDL TIN Facilitation centers.In application fill spare pan number in Last row of the Form.

3 thoughts on “Surrender of additional PAN number(s)

  1. Indu

    Accidentally I applied for UTI pan card twice. I got two pan cards. In the form to surrender one pan, there was a column-‘name of visitor’ . whose name has to be filled in this area??

  2. Anand

    While processing for refund i came to know that there is another pan issued in my name but its not in my use and NSDL needs proof to cancel the same, but i have no any proof/pan of another pan to surrender or cancel. pls sugges…


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