Key feature of FVU version 2.137

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  • Deletion of deductee record: Feature to delete the deductee record has been discontinued. In case the user wishes to nullify a deductee record/ transaction, he is required to update the amount and related fields to 0 (zero) and add new record with updated values.
  • Date of deduction: Date of deduction in deductee record should not be that of previous quarter. Example if the statement pertains to Q2 of FY 2009-10, then the date of deduction should not be lower than 01/10/2009.
  • Generation of Form 27A: New feature has been enabled wherein Form 27A is generated on validation of statement by TDS/TCS FVU.
  • Applicability of FVU version: FVU version 2.136 and 2.137 are applicable upto January 03, 2014 and from January 04, 2014 it would be mandatory to validate the TDS/TCS statements using FVU version 2.137.

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