Department notice to Tax Payers regarding Form 16/16A

The department has issued a notice to every Tax Payer stating that every tax payer should insist on getting Form 16/16A from their deductor downloaded only from TRACES website.  (

Valid Form 16/16A:

  • Valid Certificate downloaded from TRACES bear 7 character alphabet unique certificate number.
  • It will have TDS-CPC logo on the left side and national emblem on the right side. 

5 thoughts on “Department notice to Tax Payers regarding Form 16/16A

  1. NML Jamshedpur

    INSIST for form 16 from TRACES. We insisted a lot to our organisation “National Metallurgical Laboratory (CSIR), Jamshedpur” for such statement. They simply IGNORE. “We won’t give do whatever you can” . They tell these verbally on written they simple ignore all requests. NOW TELL WHAT WE CAN DO. Incometax Department tells such statements to the poor tax payer. WHY They do not tell THIS to the Tax Deductor’s themselfs.

  2. H J OZA 9425517209

    If TDS Challan-cum-Form No 16A introduce then no separet issue of Form No 16A by the TDS deductor by downloading the Form No 16A from website as all the details are available in this challan. CBDT should modify the present challan and add following -Name of deductee,PAN, amount, date of payment,Section etc. Other BENEFITS; 1. That all the information required for 26Q are already appeared in this challan hence there is no requrement of filloing Form No 26Q & 27A. 2. TDS deductor will save charges of upload fees, fees of authorised representative etc. 3. No difficulties in respect of getting credit of TDS. 4. That due to software or other mistake TDS details are no appeared in 26AS & therefore TDS Officers issued thousands of Notices in respect of TDS payment. This challan serve all the issues. 5. Huge wdorkload of Incomed-tax Officer(TDS), Deductor & Deductee will reduce by above challan because there will be no mis-matching. 6. That Govt. has already made arrangement for 194-IA deductor, why not for other deductor ? 7. Green Initiative – less consumption of paper. TDSMAN SHOULD REPRESENT ABOVE SUGGESTION ALONGWITH THEIR OPINION BEFORE FINANCE MINISTER & CBDT. TDSMAN SHOULD HELP TDS DEDUCTOR & SOLVE THEIR PROBLEM. In this respect please SMS so I will contact TDSMAN.

    1. TDSMAN Post author

      Dear Sir,

      Please note the challan is submitted for multiple deductees. Here you are giving example of 194I-a where only one deductee is involved whereas in one TDS challans there can be one deductee or 1 lakh deductee.

  3. R. K. Sarkar

    If any Tax Deductor does not provide form 16/16A downloaded from Traces site even after insist. Then what can do by an individual tax payer?


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