Update TDSMAN immediately for the new TRACES integration

In the evening of 12th July 2013, TRACES has restructured their website which resulted in changes in the links of the different functions (such as downloading of consolidated statement, TDS certificate, etc.) within their website. For these reasons, integration to TRACES through TDSMAN was affected owing to which users were facing difficulties.

On emergency basis, the TDSMAN software has been updated to take care of all these link modifications in TRACES and has been uploaded today.

All users should immediately update TDSMAN through the online update option provided in the software.

Do call / email our helpline for any assistance.

 Extended hours for our Helpline:

Our helpdesk will be open on all days upto 15th July 2013 (including Saturday & Sunday) from 9.30am till 8.00pm

Helpline Nos.: (033) 22623535, 64596006
Additional Nos.: (033) 22434150, 22430007, 9836490007
Email: info@tdsman.com

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