Process of filing a Revised Income Tax Return

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The process of filing a Revised Return is the same as filing an Original Return. The only difference is that in the Excel utility (Return Preparing Software), you need to select the ‘Revised’ return option and provide the Original e-Filing Acknowledgement number and Date of filing the Original return. Further, the assessee is required to select the section of return filing as u/s 139(5).

First you have to fill excel utility with all data. If you have already saved the previous excel file then just make the correction in the file where ever required. Select revised return as suggested above.

Generate the XML and upload it the efiling site again. Download the ITR-V and send to CPC in 120 days from date of upload.


6 thoughts on “Process of filing a Revised Income Tax Return

  1. Gautam Kumar Das

    please suggest if I submitted itr against defective 139(9) may I revise the same itr in 139(5).

    Thanks & Regards

  2. Sachin

    Dear Sir I have filed IT return on 31.07.2014 and downloaded ITR-V. Before sending it to IT department I noticed mistake in taxes paid by me. What should I do ?

  3. Mohit

    I have been searching a way to Revise the returns and the phone support team at IT office told me that I need to revise under section 139(5).
    I had filed return online, but most available online information talk of revising the Excel utility and uploading XML.
    Can you please advise the process of revising return under 139(5), if I have filled and submitted the return online itself.
    My concern is that I missed out mentioning my medical insurance policy investment u/s 80D for tax rebate.

    Warm regards,

  4. santosh

    I have completed the XML with all details for my revised return of 2013 year.But could you please tell me where to upload this XML to get a fresh ITVr


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