Use TDSMAN (F.Y.: 2013-14) to file TDS returns for F.Y.: 2012-13

Many tax deductors file returns only in Quarter 4 and normally buy the software in April or May for preparing these returns. With TDSMAN (F.Y.: 2013-14), one can file returns of F.Y.: 2012-13 (Quarter 4) which is due on 15/05/2013 and further use the software for preparing returns of all the four quarters of F.Y.: 2013-14. TDSMAN (F.Y.: 2013-14) covers F.Y.: 2013-14 and all previous years upto 2005-06. Correction Returns are also covered comprehensively for returns filed for these years.  

TDSMAN (F.Y.: 2013-14) is priced at Rs. 3,000 can be ordered online.

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