Centralized Processing Cell for TDS, CPC (TDS)

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FM to Dedicate Centralized Processing Cell for Tax Deducted at Source, CPC (TDS) Today

The Union Finance Minister Shri P. Chidambaram, will dedicate the Centralized Processing Cell for Tax Deducted at Source, CPC (TDS) to the nation today.

The CPC (TDS) will be situated at Aayakar Bhawan, Sector-3, Vaishali, Ghaziabad (UP). It will provide the tax deductors, taxpayers and the Assessing Officers, a wide range of online services related to TDS through a functionality designated TDS Reconciliation, Analysis and Correction Enabling System (TRACES).

TRACES through its portal (https://www.tdscpc.gov.in) will provide a bouquet of services like viewing and downloading of Form 26AS by taxpayers, downloading of Consolidated Files for filing of correction statements. The facility of downloading of TDS Certificates in Form 16 and 16A by tax deductors is a measure of convenience for the deductees. This will facilitate proper reconciliation between credit of taxes paid by deductors and claimed by deductees.  E-Tutorials for tax deductors would be immensely useful for educating tax deductors for enhancing compliance.

Further, TRACES will also enable multiple modes of communication to reach out to the deductors and deductees for immediate correction, reconciliation and matching of TDS payments. Banks, being the most important Tax Deductors will now have the facility to file correction statements online to minimize the difficulties faced by Tax Deductees in claiming credit of Tax Deducted at Source. It is expected that this facility will, to a large extent, ameliorate the problem faced by Tax Payers of mismatch in credit of Tax deducted and claimed in the Return of Income.

A toll free Call Centre (Toll Free No.1800 103 0344) is functional for the convenience of deductors/ deductees.  Instant communication by way of E-mail (contactus@tdscpc.gov.in) and SMS alerts are other unique features of the CPC(TDS).

The Revenue Secretary and other Secretaries from Ministry of Finance, Chairperson (Central Board of Direct Taxes) and other dignitaries from Central Board of Direct Taxes and Central Board of Excise and Customs will also grace the occasion.


19 thoughts on “Centralized Processing Cell for TDS, CPC (TDS)

  1. B.N.Umakantha

    We are winding up the company. But we have to pay some amount towards short payment of tds. We are not able to pay the same as we have forgotton the user name and password. Hence will you please help in this matter. Our PAN IS AACCS8773R AND TAN IS BLRS14887F


    Dear sirs,
    My PAN # BCAPK3660D. Refund for A.Y 2016-2017 not received so far. Please process and send refund amount refundamount.

  3. K savitha

    Dear sirs,
    My PAN# CGTPK5720J Refund for A.Y 2016-2017. NOT Received. Please process and send refund amount.

  4. Siholi

    I have filed 1%TDS using form 26QB for a property that I was going to purchase. However that deal did not materialise hence I would like to get that money refunded. What is the process please?

  5. Sankaranarayanan Ramasubramanian

    I am a resident indian. I am travelling in USA until 20th July. When I tried to download my 26-AS form, I get a message saying “register for NRI services”. Because the IP address is from outside India, it thinks that I am an NRI. It is ridiculous that I am not able to download my 26-AS just because I am travelling abroad! Kindly fix this problem asap. My auditor in India is able to download my 26-AS without a problem! Why shouldn’t I be able to do the same just because I am temporarily in USA?


    My Pan number is BAWPD1576K.I had deposited TDS on sale of property on 5th June 2015 through net banking.After 11 days,I am not able to download Form 16B since TDS is not yet appearing in 26AS.I have called Centralised cell Gaziabab more than 100 times.I have mailed all documents i:e Challan,26As,26QB,16B(Error screen shot) to Centralised cell several times.No solution yet.Because of delay,I am paying interest to the builder.Pl help to resove the issue.


  7. Jitender Munjal


    I have received emails from “intimations@tdscpc.gov.in” regarding additional TDS to be paid on Property (Form 26QB) ITD u/s 154.

    I and my father jointly bought a flat (construction linked) and paid TDS using Form 26QB individually @0.5% rate using our PAN’s specifying that “More than One buyer is involved” in each Form 26QB.

    The notices given doesn’t assume that it’s a multi buyer flat and combinely we have paid Full 1% TDS. I would request you to please help/suggest.


  8. ynagsigma

    Dear Sir,
    I have resigned to my job in Aug 2014 and not joined in any other company so far. But my old company has deducted TDS amount before making the final settlement. Hence please let me know when should I file the returns and where shall I send the Bills (LIC, Medical, HRA, Housing loans etc..) to avail the refund now??

  9. pallavi agarwal

    sir,i have received a demand note of tds default,but i was unable to found respective challan thru which the same can be deposited. I am regularly in contact with your customer care and they were replying that a revised formate is being released shortly.Today on 27thapril2015 we again enquired and it was replied that with in one week revised formate will be released. thats why i am unable to deposite the demand money.Pl suggest.

  10. Hari Nandan Chaturvedi

    I have made at least twenty unsuccessful attempts to register in response to the following response I get when trying to reconcile my TDS payments and tax issues:

    “TDSCPC services for NRIs is available through https://nriservices.tdscpc.gov.in/nriapp/login.xhtml . Kindly register and access TDSCPC NRI services through same.”

    Everytime the response I get is the same that the information provided is invalid. Looks like the system has been programmed to provide just this single response. There is no way to go the the next step. It is so frustrating to be so stonewalled.

    May I request any responsible authority to please look into it? I want to pay the taxes due to Govt of India but how can I do it when your systems are so inadequate?

    Hope someone will guide me?




    We had filed the original return in Form 27A in respect of Tan No. BLRR11572B of 3rd & 4th qtr of F Y 2013 – 14. Further trying to download the Form 16A, which we are not getting.

    Kindly, verify the above problem and guide me accordingly.

  12. Goa State Election Commission

    Due to oversight while filing TDS Return in form No.24Q of 3rd Quarter of financial year 2013-14 in respect of PAN NO.AAJPF6291M, the amount is wrongly shown Rs.400/- instead of Rs.1400/- in the month of December 2013 from salary.

    we had filed correction Return in Form No.27A in respect of PAN No.AAJPF6291M for 3rd Quarter of financial year 2013-14 correcting the deducted amount of TDS Rs.1400/-

    further, after downloading the Form No.16, we are not getting the corrected amount on Form No.16

    kindly verify the above problem guide me according?

  13. M K Dwivedi,Senior Marketing Oficer,Dte. Of Marketing & Inspection,Govt. Of India,Saket Nagar,Kanpur

    We had applied for allotment of AIN No to CIT (TDS) Kanpur on 2/5/14.It was send to Director of Income Tax (System II ),NewDelhi on 7/5/14.We were informed that AIN NO will be allotted in 45 days.Nearly 60 days have passed and there are no results.Please let us know what should be done.

  14. Munnu

    Online Form 26QB rectification: I had made a mistake in filling up the details of the year in the date in the date of the agreement, date of payment and credit and date of tax deduction while filling up the online Form 26QB. How can I rectify this please.

  15. Chandresh

    I am a Income Tax Practitioner — Since one of my client have paid TDS for A.Y 14-15 but by over site client has mention A.Y 2013-14 in TDS Challan, now while filing TDS Return for 4th Qr its shows Challan not match with Oltas. When I contacted CPC TDS Ghaziabad over phone they told me to contact concern TDS Officer and they will correct A.Y in their records but some times even after writing a letter to TDS officer it is not corrected so is it possible if CPC TDS Ghaziabad can correct A.Y after intimating by mail to CPC. Awaiting an early reply from ur side

  16. T.P.D'Souza.

    I have been trying to register as a tax payer, for over 7(seven) weeks,to view Form 26 AS,but failed.Keep getting ‘invalid details against PAN.
    How do I reconcile and rectify Form 26 before filing within due date ?

    1. TDSMAN Post author

      Dear Sir,

      The better way of registering for Form 26AS is by using the Form 16A generated by TRACES website which issued by the Deductor to you.

      This shows the genuine information and cancels out the possibility of showing Invalid Details.


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