No addition for difference in income as per profit and loss account & TDS certificate

Admittedly, as per TDS certificate issued by Mysore Breweries Limited, the total reimbursement made to the assessee as per their newly arrangement was Rs. 3,35,85,000/-. However, in the books of assessee, it was only Rs. 2,54,97,000/-. The assessee had explained that a credit note of Rs. 80,88,000/- issued by it in favour of Mysore Breweries Limited was not accounted for by them and, therefore, by this amount they had shown higher reimbursement to assessee. The contention of the assessee was that it was a case of clerical error committed by subsidiary Mysore Breweries Limited which was duly confirmed by Mysore Breweries Limited.

The assessee relied on the decision of Hon’ble Delhi High Court in the Case of Sudhir Sekhri vs. ACIT (Delhi HC) , wherein it was, inter-alia, held that where the issuer of the certificate had certified that the mistake had crept in due to the pre-fed computer programme and certified that no other charges other than what was reflected in the books of account of the assessee had been paid to the assessee, the addition was not justified merely on the basis of discrepancy in the TDS certificate and amount recorded in the books of account.

Under such circumstances, we find that the decision of Hon’ble Delhi High Court in the case of Sudhir Sekhri (supra) is squarely applicable to the facts of the case and, therefore, the addition of Rs. 80,88,000/- was wholly unwarranted.

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