TDS by Individual and HUF (Non Audit) case not deductible

An Individual or a Hindu Undivided Family whose total sales, gross receipts or turnover from business or profession carried on by him does not exceeds the monetary limits(Rs.60,00,000 in case of business & Rs.15,00,000 in case of profession) under Clause (a) or (b) of Sec.44AB during the preceding financial year shall not be liable to deduct tax u/s.194A,194C, 194H, 194I & 194J.So no tax is deductible by HUF/Individual in first year of operations of business even sales/Fees is more than 60/15 Lakh.


2 thoughts on “TDS by Individual and HUF (Non Audit) case not deductible

  1. Surbhi

    if audit is not conducted during previous year and also in the current year, will we be required to deduct tax under section 192B ?


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