Steps for registration and e-filing of Form 15G and Form 15H

Below are the steps for registration and e-filing of Form 15G and Form 15H at the Income Tax India e-filing portal.


  1. You need to visit Income Tax India e-filing portal There you need to either login or get registered. For registration click on “Register Yourself” Button.
  2. In the next screen Select “Tax Deductor and Collector”  and Press “ Continue” Button.
  3. Enter TAN and Press “ Continue”.
  4. Fill up all the required details of the registration form. User Id is TAN number of the deductor. When you Press “Submit “Button you will be shown a “Registration Successful” page.
  5. You need to login through the individual PAN login in Income Tax India e-filing portal and approve the registration under “Work List”.
  6. A mail is received on the registered email ID and a One time Password (OTP) on registered Mobile Phone. The link provided in the email Id needs to be clicked and details have to be filled along with the OTP and submitted.

E-filing of Form 15G and Form 15H

You need to login using the user Id(TAN), password and the captcha code.

The Digital Signature Certificate of the responsible person needs to be registered in case of new registration. You need to go to Profile Settings in the dashboard and click on “Register Digital Signature Certificate” option. If it is already registered, it will be displayed in the “Registered DSC details”

Steps for E-filing of Form 15G and Form 15H

  1. Click on e-File and select “Submit Form 15G/Form 15H” and in the screen that appears enter all the required fields and click on “validate”.
  2. Once the validation is complete, you will be prompted to upload the file. Attach the consolidated (.zip) Form 15G/15H file
  3. The zip file needs to be validated using the DSC facility and certificate file is This certificate has to be uploaded at “Attach signature file”. After uploading is completed and “Upload Successful” screen comes along with the transaction ID.

The uploaded file status may be verified from “My Account” > “View Form 15G/15H (consolidated)”. Here one can see the e-filing details and also whether the uploaded file has been accepted. If you click on the transaction number, you will see the receipt number/acknowledgement number.

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