TDS Return – Last Date 31st October

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31st October is the last date for filing TDS Returns for FY:17-18, Quarter 2. File on time and avoid unwarranted penalties and default notice.

With the introduction of Section 234E, there is now a provision of stringent penalties for delayed filing of TDS returns.

• Failure to submit e-TDS Statement on time will result in fees on the deductor.
• If you delay or forget to file your e-TDS Statement, fees of Rs. 200 per day will be levied on the deductor, as long as TDS Statement is not filed.
• The levied amount of fee is not supposed to exceed the TDS deductibles.
• Prior to filing of TDS Statement such fee should be paid and it should be reflected in the TDS Statement.

Use TDSMAN Software to simplify your TDS Returns preparation and effectively handle defaults and corrections.

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