Key Features -File Validation Utility (FVU) version 5.5

  • Change in validation for the field “PAN of Lender” for form 24Q-Q4 under Annexure II (i.e. Salary details) from F.Y. 2016-17 onwards:
    Existing Validation of structurally valid PAN for field no. 51, 53, 55 and 57 have been relaxed. These fields may contain below mentioned values along with structurally valid PAN, only when PAN of the lender is not available.
  1. GOVERNMENT: This is applicable when lenders are Government organizations (i.e. Central or State).
  2. NONRESDENT: This is applicable when the lenders are Non-Residents.
  3. OTHERVALUE: This is applicable when the lenders are other than Government organization and Non-Residents.
  • Addition of new section code for Form 26Q.
    New section code “194IC – “Payment under specified agreement” has been added for Form 26Q. It is applicable for Regular and C3 type of Correction Statement i.e ‘Update/delete /add deductee details’ pertaining to FY 2017-18 onwards.
  • Change in validation for section code “194D – Insurance and Commission” for Form 26Q:
  1. Remark ‘B’ is made applicable under this section which represents either no deduction or lower deduction.
  2. The same is applicable for regular and C3 type of correction Statement pertaining to FY 2017-18 onwards.
  • Change in validations for section code 206CC (i.e. “Collection at source from Timber obtained by any mode other than a forest lease”) for Form 27EQ.
  1. Remark “C” (i.e. for higher rate deduction) is made applicable only for this section.
  2. “C” remark is only allowed when the values ‘PANAPPLIED’, ‘PANINVALID’ or ‘PANNOTAVBL’ are present in the field ‘PAN of Deductee’.
  3. In such case, total TDS amount has to be 5% or more of in the field “Amount of receipt / debited”.
  4. The above referred validations are applicable for Regular and Correction statements pertaining to FY 2017-18 onwards.
  • Verification of latest FVU version at the time of validation of e-TDS/TCS statement.
  1. The Challan Status Inquiry (CSI) file downloaded from TIN website will contain the current FVU version.
  2. While validating e-TDS/TCS statement through RPU, verification of FVU versions (i.e. the FVU version present in the CSI file and the version of FVU used for validation) will take place and in case of mismatch, the FVU will not allow user to validate the file and will display an error message ‘This is old FVU version, please use the latest FVU version available at and validate the file. File Validated with old FVU version will not be accepted’.
  • This version of FVU is applicable with effect from June 9, 2017.

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