Advisory for taxpayers

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Check your 26AS Tax credit statement regularly!

  • 26AS statement contains tax credits available to taxpayer for claim in Income Tax Return along with information on refund, high value transactions and TDS defaults.
  • View 26AS statement to check TDS credits as reported by your deductors.
  • Insist on furnishing of TDS certificate downloaded by the deductor through TRACES portal ( only.
  • Valid TDS/TCS certificate bears 7 alpha character (for example-ABCXYET) that can be verified through TRACES website by using verify TDS certificate in view TDS/TCS Credit.
  • Be vigilant towards completeness and correctness of 26AS statement.
  • Request the deductor to file correction statement on noticing of any gap in TDS certificate or in 26AS.
  • Taxpayer may view/download Form 26AS from any of the following:

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