CBDT requests taxpayers to avail facility for online rectification

CBDT has issued a press release in which it has requested taxpayers to avail facility for online rectification.

The issued press release has been given below:

Government of India

Ministry of Finance

Department of Revenue

Central Board of Direct Taxes


New Delhi, 1st April, 2016

Sub: Request to taxpayers to avail facility for online rectification-regarding

Income-tax Act provides the taxpayer with an option to seek rectification of mistakes apparent from record under section 154 of the Act. The e-filing portal of the Income Tax Department provides the utility for online filing and tracking of rectification requests. Taxpayers who are not satisfied with the outcome of processing of their Income Tax Return by the Centralized Processing Centre, Bengaluru can avail of the facility of online filing and tracking of rectification requests available on http://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/

In case of any mistake in data entry of Tax payment or TDS details, taxpayer can select the Rectification Request Type->Taxpayer is correcting data for Tax Credit mismatch only and the use the option of pre-filling the correct details for the relevant Assessment Year while submitting the rectification request.

In case of data entry mistake in any other Schedule or omission of any details, taxpayer can select the option Taxpayer is correcting Data in Rectification and the reason for seeking rectification.

In any other case taxpayer can select the option No further Data Correction Required, Reprocess the case where the mistake in processing may have occurred due to non-reporting of TDS by deductor etc.

A detailed user manual for filing online rectification is available at: http://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/eFiling/Portal/StaticPDF/Rectifcation_Manual.pdf?0.08833787460862363

With this utility a taxpayer can also the monitor the status of disposal of rectification request.

CPC, Bengaluru has already processed 6,53,763 online rectification requests in F.Y.2015-16 till 29th February 2016. CBDT is committed to ensuring accuracy in processing of returns and determination of refunds and seeks the active cooperation of taxpayers in ensuring correctness of data while submitting the return or rectification request.

(Shefali Shah)

Pr. Commissioner of Income Tax

(M edia and Technical Policy)

and Official Spokesperson, CBDT

1 thought on “CBDT requests taxpayers to avail facility for online rectification

  1. Venkatramana Rao.K

    Filing of my return was during AY 2010-11 By MANUAL SUBMISSION. Even though I have claimed refund in the return after adjustment of Tax Payable against TDS deducted.
    After Computerization of the records by the Department,while the Tax Payable for AY 2010-11 was shown as outstanding TDS was not posted,resulting in Tax Payable was outstanding until AY 2015-16.The same was adjusted by the IT Department rom out of Eligible refund for AY 2015-16with Compounded Interest for the earlier years under Sec 220(2). In spite of submission of rectification and application submitted at Bandra -Kurla Complex personally,NO PROGRESS is seen.Being a senior citizen with meagre monthly pension,I fund it very difficult.The refund expected with interest is around Rs 10000. INSPITE OF THE FACT THAT THEREARE MANY RECENT CIRCULARS BY THE INCOME TAX DEPARTMENT FOR REDRESSING SYSTEM IS SILENT FOR THE THE RETURNS SUBMITTED MANUALLY prior to competerisation of Returns. My PAN no
    REFUND FOR THE AY 2010-1fund Amount Rs 4999 plus Interest.
    Can any one Help me to get the refund.


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