Analysis of File Validation Utility (FVU) Version 5.0

The Income Tax Department has released the new File Validation Utility (FVU) Ver. 5.0 on 13th April 2016 and is applicable for all TDS Returns & Correction Statements filed from the same date onwards. 

Highlights and its analysis are summarized below: 

Changes is Form 26Q (TDS Returns for Non-Salary) 

  • The applicability of value B in the Remarks (No Deduction / Lower Deduction) has been extended to include Section Code 192A (Payment of accumulated balance due to an employee). This had been a past anomaly which has now been taken care of.
  • Section Code 194IA for Payment on certain immovable property other than agricultural land, which was earlier reported in Form 26QB through NSDL website, has now been included in Form 26Q as well.

Validation of Tax Account Number (TAN) and TAN Name 

  • The FVU will now validate the TAN as per the Departments records through the CSI file (Challan Status Inquiry) and that appearing on the TDS / TCS Return Statement. Mismatch in TAN is not acceptable and the FVU will reject it with appropriate message. Similarly, TAN Name will also be validated as in the CSI file with that provided on the TDS / TCS Return Statement. In case of mismatch, the message will be displayed accordingly. It is important to have the same name in TDS Statements as that on records with the Income Tax Department.

Other Changes 

  • It is now mandatory to provide an Email ID for Deductor / Collector or the Responsible Person. The FVU will reject, if at least one Email ID is missing.
  • It is now mandatory to provide the Mobile No. of the Responsible Person.

Prepared by the Research Team of TDSMAN on 14/04/2016

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  1. Aswini


    I need a clarification regarding Rent TDS, As i am working in a dubai based company. for the past six month they didnt give money to rent. So we settle the rent payment on february month itself.Let me know either i have to pay the TDS with late charges or not


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