CBDT mechanism for identification of duplicate PANs

ITBA-PAN Instruction No. 3 

Dated: 24-2-2016

As per current process, PAN holder who wants to update core field and address details of the PAN allotted to him/her can file request for update through service providers (NSDL/UTIITSL). Details received from SPs in this regard in text file format are now uploaded in the system automatically through central schedulers removing manual intervention of the RCC. Request for updation in respect of core field updation and address updation are received in separate files from PAN service providers NSDL and UTIITSL.

2. Requests for address updation received through service providers (NSDL/UTIITSL) are updated through system schedulers while uploading the text files. However, requests received in respect of core field updation are displayed in ITBA-PAN application to RCC users from where RCC user can review change request received on a particular PAN. As per AIS Instruction No. 58, review/audit of each and every core field updation request is compulsory to be undertaken by RCC. There is defined process wherein RCC can mark core field updation request either for re-confirmation of respective Service Provider of changes in PAN data sought by PAN holder or ask for photocopy of the change request application and POI/POA and PDOB documents from the Service Provider. RCC has to physically review and take a decision to allow update request on the basis of photocopies provided by the Service Provider. On confirmation by Service Provider core field update request is executed in the system.

3. As per new procedure put in place in ITBA-PAN application, once the decision has been taken by the RCC user to update PAN data on the basis of update request it will be queued for duplicity check in the system. After the duplicity is resolved by RCC, the request is scheduled for update by the system and thereafter, PAN details will be updated by the system.

4. During the process of duplicity resolution as described in para 3 above, RCC can accept update request accessible to RCC through link PAN->Menu->List of Identified Duplicates->Core Update and to proceed with the update of PAN for the selected request if after comparing the request details with the details of identified duplicate PAN it is found that the existing PAN where updates are requested and duplicate PAN identified by system do not belongs to same person. On clicking on Accept Update button a success message is displayed and request for update is queued for update in PAN data through schedulers. After successful execution of the PAN update scheduler, PAN details are updated as per the request.

5. However, if after comparing the request details with the details of identified duplicate PAN it is found by the RCC that the existing PAN where updates are requested and duplicate PAN identified by system belongs to same person then the PAN update request is to be marked duplicate and it can be done by selecting one of the identified duplicate PAN provided in the grid and clicking on Mark Duplicate button. Output files will be generated through schedulers for use of PAN Service Provider without intervention of the RCC.

6. PAN service providers have been asked to re-verify the duplicate marked requests by RCC with the help of earlier PAN applications available with them or other PAN service provider. If it is found that duplicate PAN exists then applicant will be asked to approach respective AO for surrender of duplicate PAN otherwise PAN service provider will send the change request with force flag under new serial number which will be updated in the system without intervention of the RCC.

7. This new process will help identification and surrender of duplicate PAN allotted to a person so that further use of the same duplicate PAN allotted to a PAN holder could be stopped.

8. Detailed procedure, screen shots and navigation information is available in ITBA-PAN user manual which is available on ITBA portal page under Online Training on ITBA link which may be referred by the RCC.


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