I-T department launches PAN-based e-litigation management system

Aimed to reduce lengthy proceedings and time taken in litigation, the Income Tax department has activated a PAN-based online system which enables the taxman to access cases in their jurisdiction on a click, amongst a building database of over 5 lakh appeals and 1.50 lakh judgements.

The new facility is part of the National Judicial Reference System (NJRS), an electronic repository of cases under the direct taxes category or income tax pending in legal forums like the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT), Authority for Advanced Ruling (AAR), various High Courts and the Supreme Court.

“A new link has been activated recently in the NJRS which enables the Assessing Officer (AO) and his superiors to view appeals pertaining to their jurisdiction based on the Permanent Account Number (PAN). It is essential that the PAN number for each case is fed in the appeal to allow the system help the taxman.

“The new measure will drastically cut down time in appeal and litigation management in the department,” a senior official said.

The tax department is on a spree to ensure more and more number of people and taxpayers in the country use the PAN card. It has recently launched a business application software which uses PAN to track all the transactions and financial records of an individual and entity across the country.

Authorities working in the resource management wing of the NJRS database said the facility will also be made fully accessible for taxpayers in the near future so that they can check the status of their appeals on this portal.

According to official records accessed by PTI, the database has over 1.5 lakh orders and judgements and data of over 5 lakh appeals (pending and disposed) of ITAT, HCs and the Supreme Court was hosted for use till now.

“The database is being continuously enhanced and more and more records are being uploaded every day,” officials said.

A Central Processing Centre (CPC) for the NJRS has been established at Nashik in Maharashtra by the department.

Officials had earlier said the NJRS “will function with the help of smart search facilities and flowcharts for tax officers engaged in litigation with the assesses or entity at various stages.

“The portal will enable them to diligently monitor appeal dates, check cause lists and undertake research and analysis for strengthening their cases by taking reference from previous orders made by the courts in I-T cases,” they had said.

The system is the first of its kind in the country for comprehensive litigation management in any government department.

According to a blueprint prepared in this regard, all cases under the Income Tax Act, 1961; Wealth Tax Act, 1957; Expenditure Tax Act, 1987; Interest Tax Act, 1974 and Gift Tax Act, 1958 will be compiled in the NJRS.

The facility will be maintained by the National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL).

Source: BusinessToday

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