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Can BIN details be corrected through online correction?

Yes, BIN details in the statement can be corrected through “Challan Correction” option under ‘Unmatched Challan’ header. Refer e-tutorial Online Correction – Challan Correction for more details.

What is the procedure to make online correction in case of short payment default?

Deposit the Short Payment default through challan no 281 by ticking minor head 400.

Deductor can receive short payment in following cases and follow the given procedure for online correction:

  • Short payment due to insufficient balance- Deductor needs to check that how much amount has consumed against the deductee row, then move the deductee rows to the challan with sufficient available balance through “Resolution of Overbooked Challan (Movement of Deductee Row)” option (refer E-tutorial for detail).
  • Short payment due to mismatch in challan- Deductor can correct the mismatch challan through “Challan Correction” option under “Unmatched challan” header (refer E-tutorial for detail).

While filling online correction I quoted interest amount in both columns, when trying to click on proceed to interest I am getting an error ‘Total Tax Deposited’ is less than ‘Available Balance of the Challan’. What should I do?

Please check the available balance of the same challan under challan status.

Can I make correction on the basis of Default Summary available on TRACES?

Yes, you can make online correction on the basis of default summary however, it is advised to download updated Justification Report from TRACES. Justification Report provides detailed information about the defaults / errors that needs to be rectified by filing correction statement and payment of the necessary default / interest / fees / other.

After making online correction, after how much time system will take to process the changes?

Changes will be processed within 24 hours.

How to track Correction Request?

After login to TRACES as a deductor, select ‘Track Correction Request’ from Default under main menu. Refer E-tutorials for more information.

What if deductor does not have data to be entered in KYC for making Online Correction?

Please contact Jurisdictional Assessing Officer and raise your concern.

Is there any limit to add / modify deductee row for making online correction?

No, there is no limit to add / modify deductee row provided that sufficient balance is available in tagged challan.

Can deductor apply for Online Correction prior to Financial Year 2012-13?

Yes, deductor can file online correction from Financial Year 2007-08 onwards, however deductor has to ensure that the latest correction for the relevant statement should be processed through TDSCPC.

Is it possible to move deductee row from one challan to another challan for the same quarter?

Yes, deductor can move deductee row from one matched challan to another for the same quarter, however it will be possible only if there is available balance in the challan. For more information refer E-tutorial Resolution of Overbooked Challan (Movement of Deductee Row).

If online correction is rejected by TRACES. What should deductor do?

Check the rejection reason and submit the fresh correction request.

If I dont Capture Token number, from where will it be available?

After making online correction, it is advisable to note down the token number. However, if by any chance you forgot to note down, download the conso file and get the token number.

I have nil challan in my statement, which is in an unmatched status, therefore I am not able to download conso file. What should I do?

Tag the challan with available balance to the nil challan. Once it is processed, then you will be able to download conso file.

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