Steps for filing Rectification request on receipt of demand notice due to mismatch of Income Tax

The CBDT has noted that many taxpayers are committing mistakes while furnishing their tax credit claims in the return of income.

Such mistakes include:

  • quoting of invalid/incorrect TAN;
  • quoting of only one TAN against more than one TAN tax credit;
  • furnishing information in wrong TDS Schedules in the Return Form; furnishing wrong challan particulars in respect of Advance tax, Self-assessment tax payments etc.

As a result of these mistakes, the tax credit cannot be allowed to the taxpayers while processing returns despite the tax credit being there in 26AS statement. The CBDT, therefore, desires the taxpayers to verify if the demand in their case is due to tax credit mismatch on account of such incorrect particulars and submit rectification requests with correct particulars of TDS/tax claims for correction of these demands.

The procedure for filing online rectification request has been given below:

Rectification Request

Rectification request can be filed u/s 154 of the Income Tax Act by the taxpayer in case of any mistake apparent from the record.

Prerequisite to file Rectification request

1. The Income Tax Return for the Assessment Year should have been processed in CPC, Bangalore.

2. An Intimation under Section 143(1) OR an order under Section 154 passed by CPC, Bangalore for the e-Filed Income Tax return should be available with the taxpayer.

3. For Electronic returns filed and processed at CPC, only online rectifications will be considered.

4. If the refund arising out of return processed at CPC is adjusted against the demand of other Assessment Years and then the assessee is challenging the demand itself, in that case

  • Rectification application has to be filed for the demand year, if the demand was raised by CPC then online application has to be filed
  • for the demand raised by the Field Assessing Officer, the application has to be filed before him.

5. No rectification has to be filed for giving credit to taxes paid after raising the demand. To file your Rectification, you should be a registered user in e-Filing application.

Step By Step guide on how to file rectification at Income Tax efiling Site:

To file your Rectification, you should be a registered user in e-Filing application.

Step 1 – LOGIN to e-Filing application and GO TO –> My Account –> Rectification request.

Step 2 – Select the Assessment Year for which Rectification is to be e-Filed, enter Latest Communication Reference Number (as mentioned in the CPC Order).

Step 3 – Click ‘Submit’.

Step 4 – Select the ‘Rectification Request type’.

Step 5 ˆâ„On selecting the option ‘Taxpayer Correcting Data for Tax Credit mismatch only’, three check boxes, TCS, TDS, IT, are displayed. You may select the check-box for which data needs to be corrected. User can add a maximum of 10 entries for each of the selections. No upload of any ITR is required.

Step 6- On selecting the option ‘Taxpayer is correcting the Data in Rectification’ ˆâ„select the reason for seeking rectification, Schedules being changed, Donation and Capital gain details (if  applicable), upload XML and Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), if available and applicable. You can select a maximum of 4 reasons.

Step 7 – On selecting the option, ‘No further Data Correction required. Reprocess the case’ ˆâ„check-boxes to select- Tax Credit mismatch, Gender mismatch (Only for Individuals), Tax/ Interest mismatch are displayed. User can select the check-box for which re-processing is required. No upload of an ITR is required.

Step 8 – Click the ‘Submit’ button.

Step 9 – On successful submission, following message is displayed.

Step 10 – You can check status of rectification request online through your account login. Further you can withdraw rectification request, if you have filed it incorrectly or if it is no more required.







93 thoughts on “Steps for filing Rectification request on receipt of demand notice due to mismatch of Income Tax

  1. Narendra Gupta

    I have received notice under section 143(1) from CPC for wrong Major Head and Minor Head deposited by me as Self Assessment Tax.The correct Major Head should be 0021 and Minor Head 300.Please inform me how this can be corrected online by stepwise procedure.

  2. Mukesh

    I filed ITR-7 instead of ITR-5 of trust not registered under section 12AA and claim deduction u/s 11, intimation received u/s 143(1) and assessed tax without allowing any expenditure. Ref: AY 2015-16

    What to do. Can i rectified the same via 154, this is mistake apparent from the record.

    Please reply.


  3. Vijay

    I (individual / salaried) filed the Return for the AY 2016-17 through online claiming relief u/s. 89 without filing the form 10(e).
    Now, I have been issued a demand u/s. 143(1) disallowing my claim u/s. 89.
    What is the proceedure for rectification at this stage and how can I file my request for rectification online and further how to upload / file form 10(e) through online.
    Guidance at the earliest will be highly appreciable.

  4. Shreya Bansal

    Hello Members,

    My one client which is a Bank has deducted TDS in FY 2011-12, but while filing challan has filled old TAN i.e. PLTS No. instead of AMRS
    now demand has been raised by department, please suggest how to rectify the TAN now ? and how to resolve the demand?

  5. Goldyy

    how to find type of error in statements generated in justification report and to make correctionS using digital signature

  6. bank india

    how to find type of error in statements generated in justification report and for correction using digital signature


    Sir, I have filed Income Tax Return for the A.Y.2016-17 after due date.
    Wrong TAN Nos. entered by me. CPC raised demand and issued intimation u/s143(1)since TAN Nos. are differ. Please advise me what I have to do
    and time limit to file rectification.


  8. Bhavin Doshi

    Hi All,
    I had an outstanding payable for F.Y 2015-16 which I paid online in the month of July 2016. I also received the challan for the same. I filed my online returns on the same day. But later I received IT notice for tax demand of the same amount which I paid in July. When I retrieved form 26AS, I was able to see the amount paid by me under PART C – Details of Tax Paid (other than TDS or TCS), but the same in not getting reflected under section A (Details of tax deducted at source). Will the above mentioned process helf in rectification of my returns? Please help

  9. Rajesh Kumar

    Hi All,

    I had received confirmation from IT department regarding the demand note for the assessment year 2002-2003 and I need to raise a rectification on the account ,but when I log in to efiling portal and follow the above step I am unable to see the assessment year 2002-2003 in the drop down list as indicated above.
    Please let me know how should I raise my rectification for the assessment year 2002-2003.Please guide me.

  10. Swati

    I have tax demanded for 2016-2017, I had paid the demanded tax, but my mistake I selected code 300 instead code 400 while paying tax now that I have already paid tax, how I should rectify my tax return in 2016

  11. Ashim Bhattacharjee

    I had claimed for IT rebate under Section 89 but I forgot to upload Form 10E at the time of filing. IT Department has sent demand of tax disallowing rebate u/s 89. What I will do now ? please advise.

  12. Sanjay Waghmare

    My employer wrongly quoted PAN invalid. received notice from IT of 5 yeras from AY 2009-10 to AY 2014-15. How to correct it. My employer is not responding. Can I rectify it ?

  13. Narayan

    i have received an intimation to pay additional tax this year but the demand note is for AS 2009-10 .
    i know the error as in 2009-10 it has not taken into account 80c deductions. the demand however has CPC reference for the year 2016-17. how do we file a rectification for the same


  14. Arpan Nayak

    A practicing physiotherapist filed belated return of AY 2014-15 on 13/03/2016, claiming deduction of Rs 6817 U/s 80TTA, that generated refund of Rs 390/-.
    Return was processed by CPC and an intimation U/s 143(1) was mailed to me on 24/08/2016, wherein the said amount of Savings bank interest was not considered under Chapter VIA, that raised the liability of Rs 450/- instead of refund. I tried to submit a rectification of same. However it is asking for uploading rectified XML.
    My confusion/dilemma are as under.
    1. as the belated return can never be revised, How to upload the rectified XML?
    2. Will it be valid, if i upload the original XML that generated on filing date?
    3. As in the original return, no mistake from the taxpayer side, but apparent from the CPC, how can a “rectified” ITR be prepared?


    I received intimation U/S 143(1) to deposit Rs.2374/- of claimed amount by me U/S 89 ,as at the time of e filing of ITR-1 I have not uploaded Form 10E. After receiving the above intimation I had e filed 10E on 26/08/2016. whether I have do any thing else further.
    Thank you in advance.

  16. Pradeep

    I have got an intimation U/S 143(1) wherein Details of deductions under chapter VIA is 1,02,262 under “As Provided by
    Taxpayer in Return of Income” and 2,262 under “As Computed Under
    Section 143(1)” The difference is 1 Lakh and the tax difference that needs to be paid has come as Tax Demand. I have the required proofs for the amount declared under Chapter VIA. What should I do for the demand? Which type of rectification request can I raise? Can I do it myself or do I need to go to Income Tax Office?

  17. Balaji

    After e-filing ITR this year, I was just browsing the previous years’ ITRs.

    I notice that for AY 2011-12 the ITR was processed and No Demand No Refund was mentioned (2012).
    Then there is an entry in 2015 saying Rectification Processed, No Demand No Refund.

    I did not initiate any rectification request. What does that entry mean?

  18. poonam balu chaudhari

    cpc is not giving me tax credit of broght forward tds of last year how i can make rectification plz advice me

  19. Yuvaraj Sopan Balgude

    I have filled my TDS in PAN number which is oftenly done in case of Advance Tax. But I have to convert the same challan in TAN as I have got Notice from CPC Income tax . The challan is unconsumed. So what to do convert the challan in TAN

  20. sunetra

    I have received a rectification request but the CPC number provided in the communication is not getting accepted while submitting , the one shown in step 3 (Validation is not happening). i have logged call in helpdesk that the CPC number provided is not working. but still there is not reply. i have got only 2 -3 days to reply.

    Grateful , if you could respond at the earliest.

    1. Bhaskar


      I have the same problem – CPC Ref. no. given in the intimation u/s 143(1) is not getting validated. In case you have solved the problem, can you let me how ?

  21. Mohit Gupta

    Thanks for that. I got 143 with interest on whole tax deducted at source. because i entered the tax deducted details in advance tax payment section. I tried the option Taxpayer Correcting Data for Tax Credit mismatch only¢ but got response -ive. Thinking of filling rectification request again with Recification XML. How to generate that ?

  22. K.Venkatramana Rao

    When I was residing in Mumbai,i filed Tax return for AY 2010-11 .During that time submission was manual.Submitted at CPC,Bandra-Kurla Complex.
    My Pan no is AAAPR4358J.
    For Assesment Year 2010-11.AsPER RETURN Tax Payable was Rs 4505.TDS Rs 9569.refund claimed in the return was rs 5064.(with clerical error)
    Correct Amount of Taxdue Rs 4570 and TDS was Rs9569 and REFUND EXPECTED Rs 4999.
    Relevant TDS certificate was filed along with the Return.While the Tax Payable was uploaded to the Computer System,TDS was NOT CARRIED TO Computer System.Hence ,Tax Outstanding was shown in the system every A Y from 2010-11 to 2015-16. The Outstanding Tax of Rs 4570 along with the Interest of Rs 2070(under Sec 220(2)Totaling Rs 6640 was adjusted from refund due for 2015-16.SINCE the TDS RECOVERED IS NOT TAKEN/NOT UPLOADED I am deprived of the refund due for AY 2010-11 and the Interest due on the refund.
    I personally visited BKC and met AO,Ward no (34)( 3)(5)on 15 11 2015 and submitted application for RECTIFICATION.So,far I have not yet received the refund due to my Bank account. PLEASEHELP ME.I am a Senior Citizen Aged 67 .Now living in Chennai.

  23. kc hitesh

    For rectification type 1: Tax Credit mismatch: you have said all entries in 26as are to be entered in this type of application. My doubt is that there are entries with negative signs, whether these types of entries are also to be reproduced or only positive entries are to be written in rectification application?

  24. Deepak Tripathi

    I was salaried employee and worked 8 months only but tax was deducted for 12 full months. I e-filed based on my form 16 received from the last employer.
    I just received some intimation email. How do i rectify this.

  25. H Kayal


    I have a peculiar situation. I have correct TDS amount in my 26AS, the amount matches with Form 16 and the same amount has been specified in self assessed column in the IT return. I have received a demand note where the entire TDS amount has been shown as zero and there is a table showing unmatched TDS where the deductor is completely an unknown company. I raised a rectification request and even after that another demand note has been raised with the same mismatch. Any advise on what should I do now?

  26. r k bansal

    There was one mismatch in the self assessmentr tax.

    While selecting the options, it promopts that in case of more than ten entires for tax payments, xml file is to be generated.

    I have one entry for TDS ( from 16)matched
    14 entries for TDS( form 16A) matched

    2 entries for self assessment tax . one matched and one mismatch.

    Do I need to create new xml or carry out ony the correction in self assessment (IT).

  27. p radha krishna murthy

    While filing the etds return by mistake my bank account last four digests are not entered. Now my refund is due and sent a mail to my mobile stating that insufficient bank account number. How to correct the same please inform.




      I received intimation U/S 143(1) to deposit Rs.6658/- of claimed amount by me U/S 89 ,as at the time of e filing of ITR-1 I have not uploaded Form 10E. After receiving the above intimation I had e filed 10E on 1/12/2015 and also filed rectification request on 2/12/2015.Kindly advice whether I have do any thing else further.
      Thanks and Regards.

      1. Victor

        Sir, i am facing same problem. After getting demand order I uploaded form 10e. Later I requested for rectification. Now what should I do.? Please advise as you have gone through same problem.
        Thank you

  29. Ajeesh

    Hi Sir,
    I have received intimation u/s 143 and a tax demand notice for the AY 2015-16 2 days back. I had e-filed and e-verified my ITR1 in August. I had claimed relief u/s 89(1). I did not upload form 10E, but after seeing the CPC order I searched e-filing and found the link for 10E and e-filed 10E yesterday. Now what should I do to rectify the demand as I don’t find any such rectification options in the request menu? Please advice at the earliest.
    Thanks and Regards.

    1. Neha Varadkar

      Sir, i am also facing the same problem for AY 2016-17. I will upload form 10 E. Whether it is sufficient. As i dont find any option for 10 e not filled in rectification request.

      Neha Varadkar

  30. Kuntal Jain

    I had received intimation u/s 143 and a tax demand notice for the AY 2015-16. I had e-filed and e-verified my itr 1. I had claimed relief u/s 89(1). This value was also reflected in my form 16, as generated by my employer.I had uploaded ITR 1 on Aug. 9.2015. But the Amount of Tax Relief not showing in their record as under section 143(1) .Now what do I do? Please advice urgently.

  31. dinesh


    For 2014, I have done ITR. It is processed and asked for a demand . As I was not sure why this demand has asked later I came to know there was mismatch in TDS 26AS. So I asked to correct 26AS and they have done it. So I want to raise a request for Rectification .

    Can you please tell me which is the option I need to consider why raising the rectification?

    below are the options provided while raising the request.

    1. Taxpayer Correcting Data for Tax Credit mismatch only

    2. ‘Taxpayer is correcting the Data in Rectification

    3.No further Data Correction required. Reprocess the case

    Which option do I need to select for rectification

  32. Ashutosh Biswal

    received intimation u/s 143 and a tax demand notice for the AY 2015-16. I had e-filed and e-verified my itr 1. I had claimed relief u/s 89(1). This value was also reflected in my form 16, as generated by my employer. I had also uploaded form 10E, but quite late on Sept. 16. I had uploaded ITR 1 on Aug. 23. NOw what do I do? Please dvice urgently.

  33. sweta

    The investment on Mutual Fund was made against another PAN but While filing return the investment on mutual fund was calculated against another PAN, please suggest me on the same.How could I recetify above mistake.

  34. Atul kumar singh

    Hi Sir,

    I have filled the e return for the current assessment year but by mistake i filled the TDS deducted by my organisation into The Advanced taxed paid by me.
    So i wish to rectify the same.
    Can you please let me know how to get the communication reference number(CPC) number for rectification.

    Thanks in advance.

    Atul kumar singh

  35. vishnu

    It was a excellent presentation. I have a question what is the normal time for processing this 154 request raised on line.

    thanks in advance

  36. Vani

    I received a tax credit mismatch report from the IT department for AY2012-13. This was with regard to TDS deduction from a bank. The TDS amount claimed was double Rs. 12242 whereas t he actual TDS was Rs. 6121.
    A CA had filed the tax returns for that Assessment year.
    Now after carefully going through the IT returns for AY2012-13, I figured out the income from other source for this bank was doubled. i.e. it was by mistake considered twice. So, it was entered as Rs. 122424 instead of Rs. 61212.
    I contacted the CA and he has submitted a rectification request for –
    “Taxpayer Correcting Data for Tax Credit mismatch only”
    and has entered the right TDS amount. As per him nothing else needs to be done..

    Basically, he has only rectified the TDS

    Now, I have my doubts here if this will make any impact to my income. I believe, ideally, the income from other source also needs to be corrected and not just the TDS. Besides I did a manual calculation and figured out that if this income from other source reduces, then my gross total income reduces and it results in a tax refund.

    Can you please advice if only submission of TDS correction will help me get this refund? Or data rectification also needs to be done to correct this income from other source? Does the latter me submission of revised IT Return?
    Can you please guide as to what else needs to be done.
    Appreciate your help in this matter.


  37. tapan sanghvi

    i am not able to proceed beyond the CPC reference number. I am writing the CPC reference number but it shows “Incorrect Details. Please provide latest communication reference number”. I dont know how to solve this

    1. RV Kumar

      In my case, for the assessment year 2014-15 two TDS were made(2069+3077)and both verified by Traces in 26As. However Income Tax Department is not taking into account Rs3077. even after rectification request processed (by Income Tax department) no change has been made. Now when I am trying to lodge a grievance online the CPC communication reference number is rejected by the IT portal as incorrect.
      Any solution?

    2. Ravi Sharma

      Hi tapan, I too am facing the same problem this year ie 2016. How did your problem get resolved. Please let me know

  38. Rajesh Kumar Saxena

    I recd massage on cell that “pls file online rectification for PAN:ARQxxxxx1C AY:2013-14 since taxcredit was not given fully due to incorrect particulars filed. Check email for details.” But still I have notrecd anymail. Kindly help me.

  39. Nilesh

    I have recieved Tax demand Notice on 20/04/15.
    Now I am following the instructions written in the notice for Rectification.
    on income tax efilling site they want CPC Communication No.
    i typed it but it says Invalid.
    plz Help me with this prob.

  40. Mampilli


    I got a mail to saying “Tax credit mismatch for PAN AGUxxxxx2C and AY2013-14”.

    However, when I am trying to enter my Rectification Request, it is saying that the communication reference number is invalid. However, I am typing the exact number and there is no mistake.

    I am not able to proceed. What should I do?

    Thanks in advance.

    Mrs. Mampilli

  41. Rajesh Kumar

    Good information. I want to know about what various schedules stands for.

    I want to make rectification for AY.2014-15. I want to change my gross salary because NPS contribution of management (which is non-taxable) was not excluded from salary Income while calculating tax.

    Pl help about various schedules in the last pic of step 6.

  42. faraah

    have got demand notice for assessment year 2014-15.It shows the tax credit in 26 As form in my account .It also shows that Tax credit is fully matched with tax available in 26AS .I send rectification request two times .still incometax dept asks for demand. I called the call centre .but all the time it is busy. is there any way? please guide me

  43. Aarkey

    I have received intimation u/s 154 citing the tax credit mismatch (for AY 13-14) for a minor spelling error in TAN of the tax deductor. Now I have submitted the rectification through rectification request by re entering all the line items as per 26as including the one where there was mismatch as per instructions in the portal. Is it also necessary to upload the XML through submit option available simultaneously under additional demand after I rectify?

    Pl guide me.

  44. Mukesh

    Thanks for the detailed step by step explanation. I could easily file rectification request by following the steps.
    Thanks again!!

  45. Gulshan Anand

    plz tell me about rectification request of wrong a/c no., which type of rectification request should select? then, where have to type my correct a/c no.

  46. Shibu

    Dear Sir,
    While filing my I.T Return for A.Y 2014-15, I wrongly selected the assessment year 2013-14 instead of 2014-15. Later i received a intimation letter u/s 143(1) demanding an amount to be payable comparing the tds of 2013-14. What is the procedures I should have taken to handle the situation. Kindly reply ASAP.

  47. Ashok Rai

    I had received tax demand for 2009-10. I had paid the demanded tax , but my mistaje I selected code 300, instead code 400 while payong tax
    Now that I have already paid tax….how I should rectfiy my tax return in 2014

  48. Pavithra

    I received of a intimation u/s 143(1), where in my return of income for AY 2014-15 I have claimed Relief u/s- 89(1)for the payments of salary arrears received in year 2014, but the relief amount is not considered in intimation u/s 143. what should I do, I have filed my IT Return through E-filing.

  49. Pooja

    If previous loss is not carried forward by department correctly then do I need to upload xml again.Please note there is no correction in XML.

  50. smita

    I have got demand notice for assessment year 2014-15.It shows the tax credit in 26 As form in my account .It also shows that Tax credit is fully matched with tax available in 26AS .I send rectification request two times .still incometax dept asks for demand. I called the call centre .but all the time it is busy. is there any way? please guide me

  51. Nikhil


    I had received tax demand notice 2 years back and now IT has adjusted it with my refund for this years returns .

    Can I get it rectified now?


  52. NSS

    I got a notice under Section 143 (1) informing me of some TAN numbers not matching. So I filed a rectification request. After doing so I realized that there are a couple of TDS amounts which I forgot to mention in the return but they were now being seen in 26AS. Immediately (on the same day) I filed a revised return. This revised return has proper TAN numbers, so it includes the information given in the rectification request. Now, the question should I let the rectification request be, or should I withdraw it? I have 7 days time left.

  53. A K Kalburgi

    My tax credit for 2014-15 is Rs. 4,20,810 & the amount computed as per section 143(1) is Rs. 4,19,054 (as per intimation sent by IT). However, i have been served a demand notice to pay Rs. 1,820! Kindly suggest how to resolve this issue.

  54. T D Tiwari

    I filled I-TAX return for year 2013-14 ,got ITR-V ,signed and send to CPC .Today I got INTIMATIONS 143(1) O F T H E I N C O M E T A X A C T , 1961.
    I added Rs. 2315/- to my income as from saving bank accounts interest in income from salary and deducted Rs. 2315/- as per section 80TTA . I am govt. servant and having only salary income. When I saw my intimation I-tax department has not granted Rs. 2315-00 exemption under 80TTA . Also I-TAX department has not given any exception and asked for demand tax of Rs. 2330/- for Rs. 2315/- added income.
    How to carry out rectification in calculation after processing of I-Tax returns ?
    How online rectification is done?
    I use online e filing option with ITR1
    Can I file revised return, then how Rs. 2315/- (as intrest on Saving A/C) is to be shown, so that the ITax authorities allow deduction under Sec 80TTA or it will be deducted from the income form salary.

    1. Ritesh Kalyani

      Hello Mr Tiwari,

      I have this exact same problem. How did you correct this? Can you please let me know the detailed steps for the rectification process online.

      Thanks in advance,

  55. Anil Kumar Vyas

    Dear sir,
    I received the intimation regarding the Unmatched tax Deducted at source/tax collected on source claims And Found that while filling the on-line return Invalid TAN entered in the return. Credit Available in Form 26AS but not given in the intimation order.
    Please guide me to choose the correct option to full fill rectification form on-line.

  56. venkateswara Rao

    I Received Intimation U/S 143(1) raising demand . My DO Made TDS for the entire amount.but In 26SAS the amount not to rectify this greivence. please tell me

  57. kartick rastogi

    My whole tds refund for a.y. 13-14 has been rejected by cpc because my tds deducted was not being shown on 26as.Then i lodged a complaint with my employer and now its being shown on 26as.
    Sir,now under which category should i apply for rectification??please guide

  58. Surajit Karmakar

    In ITR1 form,The assessment year has been wrongly recorded on 2013 -2014; which will be treated as 2014-2015. How I solve this problem.

    1. sravan

      Hi surajit,

      Im also facing same problem,If u had solved it, can you pls help me on this..

      can u share your contact no.

      from / Sravan.

  59. Abhishek

    When we select the option Taxpayer is correcting the Data in Rectification¢… while creating the recitification XML through the ITR utility, what option should be chosen from the drop-down box in the : Return filed under section… under the personal information tab.

    139(1) or 139(4) or 142(1) or 148 or 153A or 153C or 139(5) or 139(9).

    Please help


      When we select the option Taxpayer is correcting the Data in Rectification¢¦ while creating the recitification XML through the ITR utility, what option should be chosen from the drop-down box in the : Return filed under section¦ under the personal information tab.

      139(1) or 139(4) or 142(1) or 148 or 153A

      Please help

      1. sanjeev

        I’m also facing the same query. Which option to use ? My query is related to rectification for AY 2017-18

  60. N.Jeyachandran

    i pay tax of 2012-2013 finacial year.and file my indivdual return through online.but my TDO did not file TDS.So that a demand notice came to me with fine.what can i do?

  61. Nalin Jain

    Self Assessment tax was deposited for assessment year 2013-2014. CPC has not given credit of the said tax deposited in the intimation sent u/s 143(1). On verification it has been found that the bankers have mentioned wrong Pan no due to which credit of the tax deposited has not been reflected in 26AS. How to get the said rectification done. Please advise

  62. tapas

    Have filled return today.salary income have been put do I correct it? In 26as there are some unwnown TAN , showing 1800 tax deduction. Which is not belongs to me. What to do? Plz help.

  63. udit asati

    I received 143(1) today stating tax credit mismatch for SAT [Self Assessment Tax] for AY 2013-14. I figured out that is since I selected wrong Assessment year while paying tax online i.e. bank Challan. How can I correct assessment year now ? While Filing rectification request which head should I select ? – TAX credit mismatch or DATA correction ? Please help if there is any other option ?


    1. Arun J

      Hi Udit,

      I have the same problem where the challan has the wrong assessment year. I called “traces” (tdscpc) toll free number 18001030344. They suggested that I should meet my assessing officer and rectify this. I was surprised to hear that there is no online rectification submission option. Please do post here if you have got any other options.


  64. Nishant Mahajan

    Please suggest me that is any interst should be added with the demand if rectification should be made due to demand is arise by income tax department.

  65. Gurbachan Singh

    Ireceived refund partly for the asstt.year 2013-14 on 12.6.14 due to wrong mention of tan no. of one of the bank. Rectification application was filed immediately after the receipt of that much refund..Till date resual refund of income tax has not been receive so far. How long it will take to iss the remaining refund.

  66. satheesh

    Amazing and very detailed. Thanks for that. I got 143 with interest on whole tax deducted at source. because i entered the tax deducted details in ‘advance tax payment ‘ section. I guess I need to select the option Taxpayer Correcting Data for Tax Credit mismatch only¢ and the first check box ‘TDS on salary details’. Please suggest.

    1. saroj

      I have the same problem for the A.Y 2014-15.I have filed many rectifications for this but they are not considering it.How to create rectification xml file? please suggest what to do.please help.


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