Clarification by TRACES on Challan Date

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TRACES department has issued the following letter to all the deductors:

Dear Deductor,

Greetings from Centralized Processing Cell of TDS!

Your attention is drawn towards some relevant guidelines related to payment of TDS/ TCS liability.

Central Government Account (Receipts and Payments) Rules, 1983:

Date of Receipt for Cheques or Drafts: The Central Government Account (Receipts and Payments) Rules, 1983 contain, inter alia, regulate public moneys received by or on behalf of the Government of India. As per clause 20 of Part I (Preliminary and General Principles), the Date of receipt of Government revenues, dues etc. is determined as follows:

20. Date of receipt of Government revenues, dues etc. Government dues tendered in the form of a cheque or draft which is accepted under the provisions of rule 19 and is honoured on presentation, shall be deemed to have been paid-

(i) where the cheque or draft is tendered to the bank, on the date on which it was cleared and entered in the receipt scroll;

Rule 125 of Income Tax Rules, 1962:

Electronic Payment of Tax: Rule 125 of Income Tax Rules, 1962 relates to Electronic Payment of Tax. The relevant provisions are as under:

The following persons shall pay tax electronically on or after the 1st day of April, 2008:

(a)£Ã¬Ã¬ a company; and

(b)£Ã¬Ã¬ a person (other than a company), to whom the provisions of section 44AB are applicable.

For the purposes of this rule:

(a)£Ã¬Ã¬”pay tax electronically” shall mean, payment of tax by way of  (i) internet banking facility of the authority bank; or£Ã¬Ã¬

In the light of the above, it is suggested that the payments towards TDS may kindly be made through e-payment mode. This helps in better reporting of challan by deductors and consequential matching of such challans.

It shall help the deductors in reduction of late payment interest that may arise due to delay in date of tendering of cheques and date of credit to the Government account.

CPC (TDS) is committed to provide you best possible services.

By this letter TRACES has cleared the ambiguity about the challan date. There was a confusion regarding challan date as there are two dates involved- one date is when the challan is deposited and the next date is when the payment in the challan gets cleared. This has often led to wrong entry of date, resulting in challan mismatches and hence default.

According to the above letter, it is now clear that Challan date will be the date on which the payment gets cleared.

Further, the department recommends the users to make payments through e-payment mode as in this both dates discussed above is same.


2 thoughts on “Clarification by TRACES on Challan Date

  1. krishnaswamy

    very useful. please ensure corrections easily as there are some confusions as who has to correct the returns. we have paid tds amount of Rs 113458 under 24Q for 3rd quarter for assessment 2013-14 and the same was e filed through M/s Karvy Consultants, basavanagudi Bangalore. but in traces the same is not upgraded and we are receiving notice to pay the above amount and interest and penalty thereof. kindly assist us in correcting the same


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