Discontinuation of Nil returns in TDS returns

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Deductors will not be able to file nil-returns after new File Validation Utilities (FVU 4.0 & FVU 2.136) are made applicable. This is because it is clearly stated in the new rules that It is mandatory to have deductee records in the nil-challans.

26 thoughts on “Discontinuation of Nil returns in TDS returns


    we have filed tds on salary of director for q1 and filed tds return also. but the returns for q2,q3,q4 were not filed as there was no salary. how to generate form 16 from traces.

  2. Bipin

    Daer sir,
    i have deducted tds in every month( From april13 to march14) but not paid and not filed any tds return.
    plz sujjest me whether i have to file all quarter returns or only last quarter return.

  3. Pankaj Sureka

    Dear Sir,

    Whether levy of fee u/s234E of Income Tax Act,1961 can be waived? Or
    It is mandatory to pay the levy fee ?

  4. Madhu

    Whether NIL TDS returns is mandatory if the payments made to vendors is less than the prescribed limit in the respective quarter. We were filing though TDS provisions were not are applicable due to threshold limit.

    Now for not filing in 24Q returns the department has sent notice to one of our clients. How it is relevant when there is no TDS deducted as the number of employees to whom salary is paid is well below the basic exemption limit.

  5. Annie Grace

    I tried to e-file nil return for a government deductor for 24Q2 FY 2013-14 as they pay tax only on 4th quarter. but failed because of non deduction certificate number could not be given.

    1. TDSMAN Post author

      Dear Madam,

      We are not able to understand your query. Please do contact us at (91 33) 64596006, 22623535

  6. rgoel

    We do not have any deductee since last 4 quarters.
    Understand so long as the business entity is not shut, TDS returns have to be filed.
    How do we file deductee records when they are not there at all?


    Assuming that we have a nil return this quarter as per the above we do not file the same. In the next quarter assuming similar RPU structure we would need to file the return – in the space for PRN of previous quarter then will ‘N’ be accepted for creation of FVU file and will the same be accepted by the Dept.

  8. Balmiki Prasad Singh

    Nil challans/transfer vouchers need to mandatorily have deductee records with flag ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘Y’, ‘S’, ‘T’ & ‘Z’ (as applicable) in the remarks for lower or non-deduction.
    to whom ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘Y’, ‘S’, ‘T’ & ‘Z’applies?

    1. TDSMAN Post author

      Dear Sir,

      These are the reasons wherein you deduct Less or No TDS on the amount paid. Ex – T- Payments to Transporters, S – Payments to Software Vendors etc.


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