Reasons for the delay in tax refunds

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Mismatch of Tax Credit (Form 26AS): One of the most common reasons of tax refund delays is mismatching of the taxes paid by you with the Governments online record (Form 26AS).

Incorrect bank or personal account details: While filing tax return one should ensure that mailing address, bank details, Permanent Account Number (PAN) and all other required details (name, assessment year etc) should be filled accurately.

Treaty claim in the tax return: In case of cross border employees claiming the tax relief, Centralized Processing Centre (CPC) may re-direct the returns to the respective ward to verify the claim and process the tax refunds. The additional procedure results in delay in issuing refunds.

Non submission of ITR-V within the prescribed timelines: ITR-V generated upon filing of the tax return has to be signed, printed and delivered to the CPC Bangalore within the prescribed time limit of 120 days from the date of filing tax return, else tax return is considered not filed.

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