Procedure for online e-Filing of Income Tax Return for A.Y. 2013-14

Income tax department has published the latest Online e-File Income Tax Return Procedure for Assessment Year 2013-14.  In this new procedure, tax payee can free download ITR-I to ITR-4S (Excel Base) to upload online XML.

The complete procedure is as follows:

e-File Income Tax Return Online

1. Income Tax Return (ITR-1/ITR-4S) is available online. To avail this feature, Assessee should register, LOGIN and GO TO ‘e-File’ –> ‘Prepare and Submit ITR online’. Fill the information and click SUBMIT.

2. Download Income Tax Return and Upload XML

3. To file an Income Tax Return electronically, you should download the Income Tax Return (ITR) Utility applicable, fill and generate an XML. This XML should be uploaded in the application post LOGIN.

4. You can also pre-fill Personal and Tax information, a new feature in this application.

5. You can import the details of the previous version into the new version of the utility using the “Import Previous Version ” facility. Click on the “Import Previous Version” button and select the path where the previous version is available and click OK. The data is uploaded successfully.

Steps to Download ITR

1.On home page, GO TO ‘Downloads’ section and select applicable Income Tax Return Formof the desired Assessment Year OR Login to e-Filing application and GO TO ‘Downloads’–>’Income Tax Return Forms’ and select applicable Income Tax Return Form of the desired Assessment Year.

2. Download the excel utility of the Income Tax Return (ITR).

3.Fill the excel utility and Validate. (Please refer the “Steps to pre-fill in Income Tax Return” as mentioned below).

4. Generate an XML file and save in desired path/destination in your desktop/system.

5. LOGIN to e-Filing application and GO TO –> e-File –> Upload Return.

6. Select the Income Tax Return Form and the Assessment Year.

7. Browse and Select the XML file.

8. Upload Digital Signature Certificate, if available and applicable.

9. Click ‘SUBMIT’.

10. On successful upload, Acknowledgement details would be displayed. Click the link to view or generate a printout of Acknowledgement/ITR-V Form.

Steps to pre-fill in Income Tax Return

1. LOGIN to e-Filing application and GO TO ‘Downloads’ –> ‘Income Tax Return Forms’.

2. Download the excel utility of the selected Income Tax Return.

3. GO TO ‘Downloads’ –> ‘Download Pre-fill XML’ and download.

4. Open the excel utility.

5. Click the button ‘Import Personal/Tax Details from XML’. An option to BROWSE a file is displayed.

6. Click on ‘BROWSE’ and select the path where the downloaded Pre-Fill XML file is stored.

7. Click the SUBMIT button.

8. The Personal and Tax information is pre-filled in the respective fields of the excel utility (ITR). You can edit the Tax information, if needed.

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  1. Harish

    Till last year ,my IT returns activities were done through tax consultant, on line . Now the registration procedure rejets my registartion for E- return with the reason ” PAN no. is already registered”. How to go no for registration on line?


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