Key features of FVU version 2.135

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  • Change in validation of quarterly TDS/TCS statement wherein Book entry flag should not be provided in the challan details in case of nil challan\nil transfer voucher.
  • Change in name of the field of as below:
    • In the deductee details (Form 27Q-Annexure I), name of the field Country to which Remittance made has been changed to Country of Residence of the Deductee.
    • In the deductee details (Form 24Q-Annexure I), name of the field Taxable amount of which tax deducted has been changed to Amount paid/Credited.
  • FVU Version 2.134 and 2.135 are applicable upto August 31, 2013. Further, FVU Version 2.135 would be mandatory from September 01, 2013.

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