New File Validation Utilities (FVU) released

The Income Tax Department has released the following new File Validation Utilities on 29th June 2013 which would be applicable from 1st July 2013: 

  • FVU Ver. 3.8-Applicable from FY: 2010-11 onwards
  • FVU Ver 2.134-Applicable from FY: 2007-08 till FY: 2009-10 

Link to download-FVU 3.8

Link to download-FVU 2.134

Link to download-Key Features of FVU 3.8

Link to download-Key Features of FVU 2.134

One of the significant features is that now the Deductor / Employer will need to include payment of Late Fee under section 234E for delay in submission of TDS returns. If not paid with the regular return, it needs to be rectified by filing a Correction Statement. Click here to know more about the provisions of Section 234E.

TDSMAN is being updated to incorporate the announced changes and would be released by 3rd July 2013.

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