Evaluate your TDS defaults using Justification report downloaded from TRACES

After the submission of your TDS return you have the option to evaluate your return by downloading the Justification report from the TRACES website.

This report lists out the following errors that was present in the returns that was submitted:

PAN Errors-List of all PANs that which is not present in the Income Tax Department data.

Late Payments-List of all those records whose TDS payments were deposited after the due date. An interest of 1.5% per month is charged on the TDS amount for the late payment.

Short Deduction – List of all the records in which the TDS deduction rate is less than the rate as per Income Tax Act.

1 thought on “Evaluate your TDS defaults using Justification report downloaded from TRACES


    MSFC has received PAN error default notice for 26Q for the first and third quarter of the F.Y. 2013-14 A.Y. 2014-15. To our knowledge the PAN Nos are correct. Perhaps the error numbers are not on the record of Income Tax Dpartment. Our TAN No. is PNEM07556D and token no. of 26Q Quarter 3 filed on 16.1.2014 is 050819600017874. I am unable to login in to TRACES, as I do not know the user id and password. Therefore, I am unable to go default menu and view the justification report. Besides, I do not know how to down loan the TDS certificate from TRACES. Please help.


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