Steps to file Income Tax Return without using any software

After incorporating the new facilities on income tax e-filing portal, one can file his/her income tax returns directly on the department website without using any software. 

Steps to file Income Tax Returns without using software: 

1. Log on to

2. Click on login option.

3. Once you click the login option, you will be asked to provide User ID, password and Date of Birth for login into your account. 

4. Once you login into your acount, you will find an option called e-File on the menu. 

5. Under the e-file menu, select the option called Prepare and Submit online ITR. 

6. Once you select the above option, the following details will be displayed on the screen; 

 i.  PAN No. 

ii.  ITR form name: Here you need to select the ITR form applicable to you, as of now two ITR forms are available for efiling (ITR 1 and ITR 4S). 

iii. Assessment year: Here you need to select the Assessment year for which you are filing the return. 

iv. Address: Here you need to select one of the option out of 3 options( 1. Address from PAN Database, 2. Address from previous year return and 3. New address). 

v.  Digital Signature: Select YES if you want to file your return with digital signature otherwise NO. 

vi.  After filling the above details, then click on SUBMIT button. 

vii.  After clicking the SUBMIT button, the system will take you to ITR form. 

7. Once the ITR form got opened then you need to enter your details in the ITR form. 

8. Once all the details in the ITR form are filled then you need to click on SUBMIT option for filing the return. 


 1. While filling the details in the ITR, please DONT click on BACK button or   BACKSPACE . If you click on BACK Space or BACK button, then you will be logged out. 

  2.  After entering the data in each screen of ITR form, please click on Save button to save the data.


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  1. chandan verma

    i want to know about the procedure for tds and e filing. what documents are required for the deduct the tds and being the deductor


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