How to know Invalid PAN in your e-tds/e-tcs return

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Now, a good facility has been added by TIN center under TAN Registration. List of invalid PAN’s can be downloaded after login thorugh TAN Registration. You will get the option for download of list of Invalid PAN’s under the menu “TDS/TCS”.

Secondly, it is clearly displayed in the screen how many Defaults are available in your TAN numbers and how many Defaults are in UNREAD position.

To download the List of Invalid PAN’s, just select the option given as List of Invalid PAN’s under TDS/TCS. On pressing the same a screen appears where you need to select the Financial Year, Form No. and Quarter for downloading the Invalid PAN List. After that to open the requested/downloaded file, 15 digit Provisional Receipt No./Token No. of the accepted Regular Statement is required.

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